Thursday, March 1, 2012

Holy teeth!

Today I woke up early as D2 wanted a bottle at 6am.  This screwed up my 6:30 wake up because I laid back down and it turned into a 7 wake up.  I did 3 miles and started my day.  It was only in the 40's today so I deemed it a sofa movie day.  Its also the 1st day this week we didn't have anywhere to go so Jammie Day it was!  Even the dogs participated!  We watched Lady & the Tramp and snacked on Goldfish.  Beautiful day.

Then it was nap time for D2.  They is when D1 and I get to snuggle.  Its amazing how you love both of your kids but its nice to focus all your attention on one at a time.  We made popcorn and snuggled.  It was awesome.

D2 is getting her 4 top teeth now at the same time.  Poor kid.  I looked back at D1's records and noticed that she got her 1st tooth (bottom) in March.  D2 is 2 weeks older but has had her 2 bottoms for months now.  WAY Ahead of schedule!  I noticed that D2 was crabby about 3 weeks ago and took a look into the lion's mouth and saw a glimmer of her top left tooth.  She now has her 6th tooth breaking now.  Crap!  6 teeth before D1 had one!  Poor kiddo.  She also gave up her binky this week.  I never push it on them... and when D1 was 7 months old she kept spitting it out so I never gave it back.  Same thing happened with D2 last week.  Makes me happy because I don't want the issue of having to take it once they WANT it.  I can deal with blankies.... just not binkys!

Tonight the neighbor girl, V, came over to watch the kids.  We have a deal that she comes over a couple times a month to "babysit" and I have time to clean.  So far its been working out wonderfully.  She gets experience (she is only 13) and I get some quiet time to get stuff done.  Win. Win.

Made dinner.... red beets and Mac & Cheese.  I will never make M&C from scratch again since finding Kraft Homestyle.  can you say AWESOME.  Its just SO yummy.  Highly recommend it!

Ok... my body is yelling at me to sleep.  NIGHT!!!

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