Thursday, March 29, 2012

Running eval & clearing land!

I didn't get to write last night as I was quite exhausted by 10pm.  The day started out AMAZING.  I went to my running evaluation and  I got the best news... I am not doing ANYTHING wrong!  YAHOO!!!!  The therapist measured EVERYTHING.  He measured my arches, the  amount of twist in my feet, my knees, hips, and ankles.  The watched me walk... did tons of measurements on my feet (flexibility, movement, stability), and then I got on the treadmill and they videotaped me running.  All I could think was that I hoped my BUTT was not in the frame, its NOT something I want to see on camera.  Thank goodness it was just up to my knees... HA!  Some computer program then analyzes my stride, plant and the movement of my feet.  Since I have always run in Vibrams (the 5 finger shoes) I have learned to run in what they call the Newton Natural Running way.  He said that its the "new" way of running and that people now spend considerable amounts of time to relearn the way I run.  YEAH!  Here's a link:

The theory is that when you run heel to toe your leg is in a straight locked position when your heel hits creating impact in your knees.  The way I run is almost a flat footed slapping and I land on the pad of my foot below my toes.  When you run this way you are hitting down with your knees bent therefore distributing the shock throughout your legs, not your knees.  When I was shopping for my 1st pair of running shoes I had read this.   Knowing my mom & others in my family have knee problems I wanted to try them.  I just didn't know I had heel spurs then.  At this point I have to stop wearing the Vibrams for running because they just have no cushion.  I bought the Reebok Realflex and its exactly what I need.  I also apparently have a rigid arch.  This means that when I am standing, I have the same arch measurement as when I am sitting.  This causes the rest of my foot to compensate. so I have loose foot.  All info was good news so I left with some ankle strengthening exercised and a good luck!  IM BACK IN BUSINESS!!!

After my appt I ran some errands and came home to a husband anxious to get outside!  MORE GREAT NEWS.  He wanted to help me tackle the clearing of the ravine edge.  4 hands are better than 2.  I think he realizes that its quite an undertaking and yes, I can do it myself... but it will just be much quicker if we both work on it.  I strapped D2 to my back and went to work.  D1 was our forman, running back and forth checking "what are you doing".  LOL.  We made GREAT progress.  I think another full day of it and we will be ready to plant grass.
Before pic... all brush, leaves & branches
All cleared out and ready for grass

more of the cleared area..

At 7pm I had a glad meeting of the mom's club.  We had to discuss how well the consignment sale went and start talking about the summer activities.  Everything is falling into place and it sounds like we are going to have some awesome trips & events.  Can't wait!!  The Sangra was flowing!!

Then today......

It was Thursday so we had an open schedule.  I wanted to be outside but it was a tad cold for the girls so we stayed in and vegged all morning.  I had planned to get up and run but after a few too many sangrias it just wasn't happening.  After D2's nap we mobilized and hit Pat Catan's so that we could get some supplies for school tomorrow.  It was our snack day.  Originally it was a frog theme but our teacher called us and explained that she forgot to add Easter to the schedule so she changed it.  Suited me well.  I was gonna try and figure out a way to make rice crispy frogs.  Instead I made cheddar bunny carrots!  They turned out cute.  Then was the dilemma of the Easter eggs.  Our teacher requested that each parent bring 6 eggs to hide so that they could do a hunt.  I have been the crazed mom trying to steer away from candy and sweets.  It a fine line because I don't want to be 'THAT mom'.  I just didn't want to fill the eggs with candy.  Then I saw on pinterest the idea of stuffing rice crispy rest into eggs!  BRILLIANT!  I did just that... washed the eggs, sprayed them with Pam and stuffed those suckers full with rice crispy treats!  Atleast they are fat free, right????

Our bunny 'carrots'

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