Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Warm day outside

Its March 7th.  In Cleveland.  It was 65 degrees today!!  YAHOO!  My husband announced "it is OFFICIALLY spring!"  Thats the real deal then, spoken by the Cleveland boy!  D1 had art class with the MIL & BIL so It was D2 and I today until hubby woke up.  I decided to take advantage of D2's morning nap and I headed outside.  We have 2 dogs, a Rottweiler and a Great Dane mix, thats a TON of poo.  Given that we haven't cleaned it in about 4 months thats REALLY a ton of poo.  I took the girls wagon and threw a trug on it and went to work.  Needless to say, I quickly filled it.  I even got to pick up sticks along the way!  SPRING CLEANING AT ITS FINEST!

Poo central

Hubby met me outside once he got up and dressed and we walked our property and discussed future plans.  We own 8 acres.  Much of it is a ravine and unusable.  He likes the 'natural' (IE WEEDS!) look.  I have been asking him to clear more of the brush to make more usable clean space.  Today he approved!  He left for work at 4 and I was already out there chucking sticks into a pile!  When its nice outside I take full advantage.  Unfortunately that means that my inside projects come to a screeching halt, but that is what rainy days are for... right?

Area next to the driveway.... soon to be cleared out!

Next to the ravine... to be cleared

 I got on the tractor and took down some brush next to the fence.  This is a large area that soon will be grassy.  Yes, more to mow... but more to enjoy!
I mowed a strip next to the fence.. this will all be 'debrushed'
Then I finished my shelves in the garage.  We installed the Rubbermaid Fasttrack in the garage to hang and store things.  I then decided to add a shelving unit next to the door so that things are easily accessible from the house.  We have TONS of shoes and I am always looking for ways to get things off of the floor.  I then found some plant hangar 'S' hooks and found a solution!  WALA!

Boots hung with plant S hooks!

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