Saturday, November 24, 2012

Thanksgiving and Back on Track

Thursday was Thanksgiving and I have to brag just a bit.  Hubby asked me about a month ago what my feelings were about preparing a second Thanksgiving dinner with all the trimmings to take to the hospital.  I agreed.  There were many times that I can remember working a holiday night shift in the Emergency Room eating cold cafeteria turkey.  I was all about it.  I had everything planned out.  I went shopping the day before... I got 2 turkeys (a 15 for us & a 20 pounder for the ER), stuffing, 15# of potatoes, pies, rolls, corn and Brussels sprouts.  I brined both birds that afternoon to soak all night.
brine buckets!
I woke up at 5:30 and started rinsing the turkeys.  Hubby started the smoker around 7 and we were in business.  I made a rub for the birds and ours went on the smoker and the hospital bird went into the oven at 8.  The stuffing got started and poured both into crockpots once prepped and I started on the potatoes.  The gravy got made 15 mins before running out the door at noon.  All was PERFECT.  I have three crockpots and I borrowed one from a friend so it all worked out seamlessly.  We did Operation Dropoff at 12:30 and we headed home to start getting ready for our dinner at 5.  We wanted to kids to be able to nap.
Oven Bird for the Hospital

Smoked turkey for us. YUMMMM

when transferring the turkey from the pan to the plate the led & wing fell off... so I  quickly put it back on the pan so I could get a good pic!!  It was THAT good!!!!
 We got home (the MIL watched them) and put them down to nap at 2.  I really had nothing to do except assemble the buffet line, and dress the table until dinner.  It became o'wine 30 quickly.  I was calm and relaxed the whole day which is quite a change from last year.  Twelve months ago I had a 5 month old who was nursing, I made Thanksgiving Dinner, was still pumping at night and had a wild 2.5 year old. I remember sweat dripping down my face as I was whisking gravy.  It was bad.  I will NEVER do that again.  Never.  I was getting texts from one of my awesome friends that she was having a BAD time.  She's a fabulous cook and things were just not turning out... we all have our years.  This one was just a good one for me.  That night a friend and her family came to have dessert and enjoy a glass of wine by the fire.  Good times with family & friends.... its what Thanksgiving IS.
Luey watching the smoker!

15# of potatoes!

the start of getting things put out

My eclectic dinner table 

The potatoes


Hot apple cider with mulling spices! 

The feast!

More food!

Now that the holidays are half over I an feeling the itch to get back to being organized and to get back on track.  Winter is coming.  I have not jogged in about a month and I feel it.  Those I inspire would not feel so inspired right now.  With my absolutely INSANE October and my busy November I haven't gotten much "me time".  My dad moved back to Pennsylvania last weekend so my "manny" hours are gone.  I took the girls to PA with me to help him settle in and have Thanksgiving there.  It was a 4 day trip that has taken me a week to recover.  I need to make time for me once again.  The scale is not dropping anymore and actually it jumped up a couple.  I can feel it.  I need to get to be earlier so I can wake up earlier.  I am a much happier camper when I can drink my coffee in solitude.  Nap time must become exercise time again.  I only write this out on my blog so that I own it.  Its my way of becoming accountable.  Its 9:54pm and Im going to bed.  On a Saturday night.  Yep, Im old.

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