Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Digging & Size 8

So the lake/pond digging has begun.  This has been a long time coming and its almost weird that its finally happening.  We have plotted out where it would be, we have diagramed it on a plat map... but to see the actual dig is amazing.  As of this evening there are 5 pieces of LARGE equipment in our yard as well as TONS of dirt.  This is only the beginning.  Half of me is scared shitless about our decision and half of me is COMPLETELY stoked.  I guess the end of this week we will know what the thing will look like.  So far... we have something that is starting to resemble a hole.

Last week I went back to Talbots outlet for a few things and I can now say that I have left double digit jeans.  I am now an 8.  This is VERY hard for me to believe.  I see myself in the mirror as the same person a year ago.  Yes, I can easily recognize when clothes are too big and that smaller clothes fit better but I am having a hard time wrapping my head around it.  I have about 6 pounds to lose to finally hit my goal.  Hard to believe that I am almost there.  Here's a recent pic!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Talbots Outlet & Kidless

Today started out just as every other except that D1 was at Grammies house overnight so I actually slept in (until 9... yes... that is sleeping in).  I got up and did the morning ritual of breakfast for D2 and coffee for mommy.  I made a juice and checked the internet.  The things I would get done WITHOUT this damn computer.  D2 played with her toys but you could tell that she didn't exactly like being here without D2.

I decided that today was the day that I would turn D2's carseat around.  She is 15 months and kicks the CRAP out of my seat.  I overdid the 12 month mark and I'm done.  Then I decided to check out a store that friends discussed awhile back at Bunco.  Talbot's Clearance Outlet.  Let me tell you that the clouds parted as I walked in and beams of sunshine broke through the ceiling.  My style is very diverse but if I had a million dollars earmarked for clothes I would dress like Jackie O.  I like the timeless look.  Classic Natural is my official taste.  I have a cable knit navy sweater from the Gap that I got to wear in my 7th grade school pics (YES... 7TH GRADE).  It's a "bit" worn but I still wear it.  Timeless.  Anyways, I think Talbot's is that "look".  Problem is that I can't afford to shop there.  Until now.  I went from rack to rack looking for my size. Had I been an XS I would have tripled my bounty but I still found enough to cause minor damage.  The store is 60-75% off retail and they cap prices at $19.99.  Currently, they are also discounting another 15%.  This meant that nothing was priced over $16.99.  Can you say HEAVEN???????  I ran out of there like I robbed the place.  I found several things as well as a pair of shoes.  Had I been there without D2 and/or she wasn't on the verge of total nap needing meltdown I may have done more.  But 15 items later, we were out of there.

I called several friends on the way home enticing them with my purchases.  I'm afraid that this place will become an addiction.  Upon my arrival home, I added up all the tag prices.  $1407 worth of retail merchandise for $191.  I was fist pumping for HOURS.  I took a gamble and didn't try anything on in the store as D2 wouldn't have it, but surprisingly only 1 thing didn't fit.  Happy for me, it was too large!  YAHOO!  Now; they get new things in every day.  I REALLY want this sweater in an appropriate size so I think I will be heading back tomorrow or Tuesday to see if I can find one.  I also made my mind up to purchase one other thing (a blood red sheath dress) but need to try it on first.  I have found my mecca!
Cute ruffly skirt

My pile!

AWESOME $159 shoes for... yep, $16.99!
Cute sparkly sweater

The replacement to my 7th grade sweater

LOVE this sweater but I swim in it.... gotta make another trip :))))

Friday, September 14, 2012

Fall & DIY

To me fall & winter = DIY.  The last 80 degree day in the 10 day forecast was yesterday so I have started to make my 'winter list'.  All spring & summer are dedicated to outside so obviously there needs to be inside projects.  My laundry room renovation is pretty high on the list as is decorating my room and the living room.  I have been staring at the 18' walls for 3 years deciding what to do.  I figured it out a few weeks ago while surfing Pinterest.  The WALA moment happened.  I needed something BIG.  I also preferred that it was inexpensive.  Sure, I could get huge wall art but it would require me to take out a second mortgage.  My other thought was for something functional.  Our house is so open that sound bounces from my kitchen against said wall right upstairs to my (and the kids) bedrooms'.  This is what I did.

My wall has a large window.  I measured 128 inches from window to wall.  I bought two 4'x8' pieces of 1/2" pink insulating foam.  Getting them home was interesting FYI!  I decided to cover them in fabric.  It took awhile to pick out what I wanted fabric wise.  I even bought something and returned it.  The 1st selection was to 'gold' for the room.  It clashed with my tan walls.  I decided on an ivory background with brownish/copperish twig/plant looking things running up it.  Im in love.  I got some spray adhesive and went to work.  I did buy some white muslin fabric to cover the pink first as I was afraid that the pink would show through.  I also waited until the Home Decorating fabric was 50% off at Joann's as well :)

Laying fabric out first

Muslin 1st

fronts finished (let dry before doing edges 
 I laid the panels out and measured the fabric & cut it to size.  I then did the 1st layer of muslin. I pulled and stretched as I went to get any bubbles out.   I then did the decorator fabric and let it dry overnight in the garage laying flat.  The next day I did the edges and folded the corners.

Today we measured everything out and I got Hubby to hold the ladder.  16 feet is pretty high!

Ladder wasn't high enough so we had to convert it
The naked wall

18' of ladder!

 Here is the finished product!  Hoping it looks "artsy".  Hubby now decided that he needs a bigger TV (sigh).

Next is reusable sandwich bags and then it will probably be the laundry room!  MUAHAHAHA!!!!

Other than these projects I am busy with the kiddos and Mom's Club.  We had our 1st general meeting on Wednesday and I was SO nervous. We had a FABULOUS turnout so it went from nervousness to excitement.  I hope that its the start to a GREAT year.  I have LOTS of ideas of fun things to do... Hope all works out!