Thursday, April 12, 2012

Lack of sleep & peed pants

I was crabby from the time I woke up, the second time.  D2 was up at 1am.  Hubby was still up (preparing for a late shift today) so I put him on point.  I fell asleep.  She woke back up at 620.  SERIOUSLY? She was happy as a clam too!  How does a 10 month old survive on 5 hours of sleep??????  Yet, I have to wake my 2 year old up in the morning and from nap!!?  UUGGHH.  She napped at 11 and was out till 2.  I ALMOST went in there and woke her up but D1 was a bit too cuddly and I was enjoying it a bit too much.

I refused to have another time suck day like yesterday so I rallied the troops after D2 woke ( a few minutes til 2) and we were off to the park.  I packed lunches so we could get on the road.  It was fun.  D2 LOVED the swing (D1 was deathly afraid of it at her age!).  About 15 mins into the trip I see D1 walking funny.  Then I see it.  She peed her pants.  WTF!??!?!?!?!??!?  She has been potty trained since September (except for nap & nighttime).  In the last day or so she has been all consumed with activities to the point that she forgets to pee or tells us that she doesn't have to go so that she doesn't have to part with her activity.  2 times in the last 48 hours she made it to the bathroom and peed on the floor.  So I ran her down to my car and put her on the potty.  Then I realized that I emptied the potty last night and forgot to put the insert back in.  Yep, she now peed a puddle in the back of my car.  Yeah.

notice the lack of a pan underneath (

D2's pants on D1.
There was NO way to salvage the pants.  She was going home commando.  Of course, she didn't want to leave and explaining to her why she couldn't wear wet pants was pathetic.  She said "just brush them off mommy".... ohhh if it was only that easy.  I then began to dig through the diaper bag in search of any remnant of clothing.  I NEVER use it anymore.  Its funny, when you are preggers, you can't wait to get one.  Now that I am on #2 I can't stand it!  Anyways, I found a pair of D2's pants.  Size 6-9 month leggings.  D1 now had a mismatched pair of biker shorts for the park.  Looked funny, but she had a great time.

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