Thursday, April 5, 2012


Its our birthday week so I haven't done much around here and I am seeing the dust start to build up which makes me INSANE.  Not sure why but I am in just a better mood when my house is clean.  It was cold out today (50's) so I deemed it a cleaning day.  Hubby was working and D1 & D2 were captivated by a movie so I took full advantage of my given time.  I started cleaning the kitchen.  I first did the usual dishes and hard surfaces but when I was uninterrupted one thing led to another.  Next thing I knew I was reorganizing drawers and PURGING!  We have lived in our home for 2 yeas now and we have several 'gadgets' that we have yet to use.  I started a box.  I went through the 'glass' cabinet and found margarita glasses that I have NEVER used, about 20 beer glasses, and a ton of misc glasses I could do without.  Then I moved onto the drawers.  I have been trying to get rid of the dusty knife block that has been sitting on my countertop for awhile but I had no open drawers for a in drawer type.  After a long organizational session I now have 2 empty drawers!!!
The glass box
I moved EVERYTHING.  I have a keurig.  It is on one side of my kitchen completely across the room from both the fridge and the utensils.  I fixed that.  I made the old 'glass' cabinet the new BARISTA cabinet.  It has tea, coffee and all the trimmings, not to mention our favorite coffee cups.  AND, it is now located above the utensil drawer and next to the fridge!  ZEN.

I think the issue is that when we moved in I put everything where I thought it should go.  Its taken this long   to figure out what is functional and what is not.  

Some of the MANY knives!

Drawers getting revamped



I found about 30, yes, 30 knives.  Freecycle is going to love me.  If you have no idea what free cycle is, google it.  Its amazing.  I use it all the time.  I will be posting after this blog about 5 boxes.  1 of glasses, one of empty Yankee Jars (YES... they were taking space and were EMPTY!), one of housewares, and a few others.  I just want it gone.  Then I went into the pantry.  UUGGHHH.  That is my nemesis.  I get everything perfect and then it just junks up overnight.  Kills me.  I want to have one of those pretty and organized pantries from Pinterest.  I just need to start.  I did decide that I have extra clear shoebox totes that I would start using for canned goods.  We'll see how it works.  I just want pretty labels and transparency.  Is that too much to ask?????  

Trying out the plastic totes to organize

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