Tuesday, April 24, 2012

New patio & Mowing

So the landscaper found some extra time and started our patio tonight.  I am ELATED.  Can. not. wait.  I'll post some pics as we go for all my distance family.  They will take a few days off to do their regular mowing jobs but it should only take a week.  Then its BUNCO night!!!  More pics come.  They also delivered and spread the mulch.  I LOVE this time of year!

I spent 2.5 hours mowing today.  I was frustrated with the kids and hubby worked late and slept in (as he should) so once he got up and motivated I did the hand off.  It was just my cub cadet, my iPod and the land.... AHhhhhhhhh.  Usually i divide it out over 3-4 days and mow a bit each day but I did it ALL.... so relaxing!


  1. You have a very wide yard, and that’s THE PERFECT PLACE to landscape a patio. I think it would be great if you plant some flowers such as hydrangeas around your patio. It will freshen up the atmosphere of the place.

    -'>Philip Paulson

    1. Thanks... I have tried growing hydrangeas and they have never done well. Once the patio is totally done (doing it over 4 years) I would LOVE to incorporate some flower beds, etc! THANKS!