Saturday, April 28, 2012

FINISHED & Keurig party

I was up at 0630 and ready to go.  I had my coffee, vaselined my feet and was out the door by 0710.  I was nervous, SO nervous.  I swear I was in the bathroom 4 times by 0830.  The gun went off and there I went.   I did a slow and steady pace through mile 4.  I slowed down about 30sec/mile then and it declined from there, but I am PROUD that I jogged the WHOLE thing.  The last mile I kicked whatever energy I had left in me and finished in 2:03.  This is a 12:20/mile pace.  I had SIRI text hubby every mile to keep my encouragement up.  I was pretty emotional at the finish.... bawling to him on the phone like a baby, not sure why... I was just overwhelmed. As I said before, I don't care how fast I go... just that I jog & finish.  I didn't come in last either!!!  About 1500 people came in before me... but I wasn't last.... HA!  Everything has its starting point.  Not sure how long I will do this.... but its definitely not over yet.  Onto the half marathon in 4 weeks!
Pre race
DONE & teary eyed

Love the tech shirt!

I came home to the ALMOST finished patio.  Monday they will do the fire pit, cement around the patio to hold it in place, add topsoil and seed and add a stone border around my flowerbed.  Phase 1 is ALMOST done!!!  Then its a bunco party here Saturday.  CANT WAIT!!!
my 'rug'
Another view


View of the walk

Laid out where the fire pit will be

'rug' design

When I got home I showered, dressed and prepped for my Keurig party.  It was fun.  We had coffee, cappuccino and food!  I made my pizza in a pot dip, cookies, fruit and a pinterest YUMMY banana toffee pie.  OMG so good!!!  The kiddos had fun while the mamas enjoyed some great coffee.  Good times for all!  The pie recipe is from here but here is the recipe:

I boiled the condensed milk a few days ago... and used a preformed Graham cracker crust......

3 bananas
1 tin of sweetened condensed milk
2 cups whipping cream
1 package of digestive biscuits or graham crackers
1 stick of butter
1 tsp vanilla
1 small bar of chocolate
Grind up digestive cookies/ graham crackers in food processor.
Melt stick of butter in microwave and pour into crumb mixture.
Blend until you have a moist mixture.
Smooth crumbs into pie plate to make a crust.
Bake at 350F for 10 minutes.
Set aside to cool.
 Remove the label on the condensed milk and submerge the unopened can in pot of water. Cover and boil for 2.5 hoursWarning: Be sure to keep the can covered by water at all times!!

To make whipped cream:
Whip cold cream and vanilla on high until whipped
Set aside to b
Now to put it together...Slice banana's and layer in the crust

Open toffee can, mix with knife until smooth, pour on bananas.
Spread whipped cream over the pie
Top with shaved chocolate
Banana toffee pie


Ready to eat!

ALl the Keurig stuff laid out!

Enjoying the party!!!

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