Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Sometimes I think we get so caught up on schedules, what we want, and just life in general.  Today was a busy day.  Hubby had the day off so we had planned to take a site tour of a playground 'place' as we wanted to get one for D1 for her birthday.  We wanted to let her play and see what she liked/didn't like, etc. We had an uneventful morning and we were at said place by 11:30.  I had already been in contact with a salesperson so I had a few things in mind.  These playsets are pretty complex!  There are a million add ons, a million configurations, and a million accessories!!!  I knew we wanted 4 swings (2 for the kids and 2 for friends) and I ADORE tires swings.  I personally think that they are the epitome of childhood.  Well we walked out of there with books, fliers and a wealth of information.  Of course, we walked in thinking we would spend one amount and that was blown out of the water. We still left happy.  ALL of us.

We discussed our options and had a solid choice later today.   I ordered it.  D1 will get her playset 5/16.  We went with Ultrabuilt.  We felt that they had the perfect warranty, quality and maintenance for our family.  D1 had a blast on the swings, slides and tire swing!  She even fell asleep on the way home! Ahhhhh! If this thing can tire her out even one day a week, its worth it!  I will post pics then!

We arrived home to see that our patio was done.  Grass seed was laid and we can now enjoy it.  Tonight Hubby and I sat outside (even after a horrible rain storm) and discussed life.  We are truly happy and thankful for all that we have.  We talked about how we don't always feel appreciated and its always nice to feel like we are on the same team.  I love that we can communicate.  2 Cold beers and this girl is ready for bed!

Flowerbed now edged


Playset will be here!

New look!

Flowerbed up close

Lots of grass planted

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