Friday, May 4, 2012

Ready & a good day!

Today was a great day.  I cleaned up a bit this morning and then it was time to head to school.  Grammie came over to watch D2 and we headed out.  D1 was in an extra good mood which was awesome.  We had a nice time at school and headed home.  Lunch & then nap.  Somehow I have now gotten both girls to nap at the same time.  I LIVE for 2pm!!!

I had gotten some yard work done and prepped my list AGAIN for the grocery, I am SO EXCITED.  D1 and I went on a short shopping trip.  Its always nice to be 1:1 with a kiddo.  D1 loves shopping.  We hit Costco, Target & Kohls before it got so late that I HAD to get home for dinner.  After getting both kids to sleep Hubby & I got everything set up for tomorrow, all the pots washed and I am ready to go!!

Tomorrow D1 will spend the night at Grammie's house for the 1st time.  This will help with having a'girls night' here for both hubby & I.  This way we really don't have to worry about interruptions, YEAH!!!

I will post a ton of photos.  I got a few cute themed things that I can't wait to post photos of.  YEAH FOR BUNCO!

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