Thursday, May 3, 2012

Getting ready & Lazy

The last 2 days were consumed with making lists, cleaning and shopping for my upcoming Bunco night.  I always do this to myself...I get all hyped up for parties.  I have to make sure that every square inch of my house in clean, can't miss an ingredient, or else I get crazy.  It's my OCD.  Really.  I know no one else cares, but I do.  This time I have tried a new approach.... early planning.  I am the biggest procrastinator and I have decided that this time WILL be different.  It's Thursday and the house is clean.  I know that I will have to vacuum, do the windows and mop again Saturday, but its clean. I've even enlisted my landscaper into my craziness.  He knows about the party and has been by the house 2 times (and is coming again tomorrow) to resend the patio.  There is always settling with stone so he wants to to look good so he keeps coming, checking, and sanding.  Love him. 

I made my ingredient list today.  The menu is FONDUE.  I have never had a fondue party and what better time than on girls night.  Men just don't get fondue.  Hubby said that he would never pay 'that much' to cook his own food when I asked him to go to the Melting Pot.  Ha!

Themes.  I have always been a theme person when it comes to parties and this one is no different.  Saturday's theme is "April showers bring May flowers'.  I will be totally posting photos.  CAN NOT WAIT.  One more trip to the grocery store on Saturday morning for the 'fresh' stuff and I'll be done.  Lots of prep work and lots of fondue pots Saturday afternoon.  Hoping I can pull it all off!!!  I got recipes from Melting Pot so I am praying that they don't let me down.  PLEASE!?!?!??!?!?!?

Considering that my life has been consumed with this party, and the kiddos, I have not been out for a run since the 10 miler.  I have been LAZY.  Not in the sense that I have gotten more than10 minutes to sit on my rump, but just that I have not gotten to run.  I TRIED to get onto the treadmill today but I just couldn't make it work.  Too much to do!  Next week... there is always next week, right?  The half is in 2.5 weeks.  UUGGHH.  Good news is that I wore shorts today that I haven't fit into in 2 years... and they were big.  Guess I will be starting a Goodwill pile :)

Ok.... I will post photos of before and after Bunco.  My toes are crossed that all goes as planned!!!!

Oh... and here is a funny.  D1 has renamed Purple Bunny to Brother.  She walks around the house randomly asking where her Brother is.  Needless to say I about choked on my water when I heard this.  I explained to her that she doesn't have a brother and will NEVER EVER EVER have a brother.  All I can do is cringe at the thought.  WHERE DOES SHE GET THIS STUFF!?!??!?!?!?!??!?!?

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