Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Shopping & Summer is HERE!

So I have told a few friends today that I think Hubby was abducted by aliens.  He took D1 shopping to Costco this morning to get things for his OH SO FAMOUS GAZPACHO and came home telling me that he now thinks it is a great idea to buy MORE patio furniture.  WHAT??!?!?  REALLY?!??!??!  WHO ARE YOU?????  He said that after this year we may not be able to find a match to the set we bought for the front porch.  Mind you, my husband does NOT know what the word MATCH means.  Then he suggested that I go out ALONE shopping.  He knows that I have beed stressing because I needed a dress for my mother's club Spring Tea.  I had 3 glorious hours shopping ALONE with no phone calls asking me to be back or how to do something kid related.  Aliens.... MUST be aliens.

Summer is in full swing here in Ohio.  The weather has been great, the flowers are blooming and we decided that today was the day to break out the Intex pool.  We are quite excited this year because last year on clearance we bought a saltwater system/pump.  Hubby has been hounding me to get a saltwater pool and I have always poo-poo'd it because I am not a saltwater fan.  Then I did some research and found that the 'saltwater' used in a pool is about the salinity of a tear.  Not bad at all.  So I'll give it a try!  I want NO maintenance.  This seems like the ticket.  You dump in salt for the year (or you MAY have to top off) and DONE.  Today I also went online and bought the sand filter so that we don't have to continue changing those annoying cartridges anymore... ONE more step to maintenance free!

I got all my plants in the ground that I bought for myself on mother's day.  Everything looks FABULOUS.  Photos to come.  I just love when everything is in and blooming.  I'm one of those crazy people that goes out every day and waters all my plants and pulls the weeds as they come in.  I know.... crazy.  Thats me!

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