Monday, May 28, 2012

Sick & more STAINING

Well that 'thing' that I was hoping was just allergies has turned into a full blown sinus infection.  The stuff that is coming out of my head is pure disgusting.  I want to scratch my eyes out because they itch so much.  Yesterday I felt that I owed it to my family to write my own obituary.  That bad.  There is nothing worse than a spring/summer cold.  There is SO much to do outside and sitting inside just doesn't work for me.  I ended up getting on the mower hopped up on cold medicine and my box of puffs was on my lap.  No shit.  Can't keep me down. No, no pics of that one!  I have been using the Vitamix and making smoothies at night.  Today was carrot, apple, strawberry & kale.  YUMMMMMY!!!!

Today I felt somewhat better and blew up the kids pool so at least they could have some fun.  It was well worth the $30 at Walmart.  They LOVED IT.  D2 was crawling in and out of the thing, too cute.  The water was filthy by the time it was time to get out but I just dumped it and hosed it off... WALA!

During nap I continued to work on staining the swing set.  I WILL finish this this week!  UGGHH!  I will say that I LOVE The color.  Its Cabot's Australian Timber oil in Jarrah Brown.  Its taking forever but it looks AWESOME.

Also wanted to share photos of my guest this morning.  I walked out to the pool to turn on the pump and this is what I walked back to 2 feet from my door.  I HAD to have walked right past it on the way out!  OMG!  I looked him up and apparently he is a black rat snake.  Ewwww!!  Crazy thing was D1 wanted to touch it!!!  She CAN'T be my child!!!!

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