Friday, June 1, 2012

STAIN & a LONG day

Where to start.  Today I had an electrician coming over at 1030 to do some minor stuff around here.  D1 has been asking to go to Grammie's house lately so I offered to take her over there this morning.  Everyone was excited.  D1 was happy to visit, Grammie was happy to see her, I was happy to be with only 1 child, and its nice to have some 1:1 time with D2.  I feel like I never have just the little one and she will be a year old in 2 weeks!!

I rushed back to be here when the electrician got here.  I can't say how much I was happy with the service.  Apparently everything with this company is a flat fee so I gave him the walkthrough & list, he offered his suggestions and gave me a price which I was very happy with.  He finished in a few hours.  Only problem was that it was approaching 2pm and D2 was getting tired FAST.  If she falls asleep in the car I usually get burnt getting her to nap.  So I called Grammie and she offered to keep D1 longer and to have her nap there.  Score.

I got D2 down to nap VERY easily.  No fuss whatsoever.  I then mowed the yard by the street that is pretty much all weeds at this point.  I called a lawn care company today because I am QUITE frustrated with it.  I've done what everyone has suggested and still CRAP.  UUGGHH.  I then went onto tackle the rest of the swing set. It was about 80% done but today was to be all ladder work.  I needed to get the top beam and I was set.  I was in a major groove and was flying right along.  Hubby called from work and I climbed down the ladder and was too slow to catch the call in time.  So I tried back and it disconnected.  Calls usually drop when he is in the elevator on his exit out of the building so I figured that I would put the phone close so that I could get it when he called.  I put it on the very top of the ladder and the next thing I know I heard a "plunk" into the stain.  It really took me a second to process what just had happened.  I quickly submerged my hand in to de a search and rescue.  It was COVERED.  WTH.  Only me.  There was no amount of rice that was fixing this.  I wiped and shook and wiped some more.  Surprisingly it still worked... I could get online and text.  Then I noticed that the volume of was severely muffled.  Then I made a phone call and couldn't hear a thing and nor could the other person.  UUGGHH.

I texted Hubby and explained what happened.  This is my 2nd iPhone this year.  I dropped the 1st one while running a 5 k and it shattered into a million pieces.  At that time I purchased Applecare +.  Thank goodness.  I ran inside and made my Genius appointment.  Damn.  Earliest was 630pm.  I had the neighbor kid coming to babysit D2 shortly and  the plan was to go and pick up D1 from Grammies.  Change of plans.  Now I was going to pick up D2 and head to the Apple store.

I got on the road (the swing set it now 95% done) and got D1 and was on our way.  Appointment was at 630pm and we were just on time.  The Apple dude laughed at me as I naturally expected.  They quickly did a last minute backup and I had a new phone in hand in about 15 mins and $49 later.  The problem was the restore.  It took FOREVER.  It was now approaching 715pm and we had not eaten.... D1 was getting a bit crazy so I left Apple as I couldn't stand there waiting any longer.  We did some quick shopping because I am STRESSED about what we are all going to wear for our family photos on Saturday.  I had gotten outfits 2 days ago from Old Navy but just was not happy with the selection but ran out of time.  Today I checked out Banana Republic, Gymboree, Crazy 8, and Gap.  Found EXACTLY what I was looking for in Gap.  Got D2 the PERFECT shirt at Crazy 8 and we were SET.  I now have a ton of returns but I don't care.... we have our outfits!

We stopped at Applebee's for a quick dinner and by this time D1 was punch drunk and hungry.  I was at least 20 mins from home so I figured a quick meal would help.  She was a NUT.  be bopping all over, singing and professing her love to me.  Cute but I had a headache.  I still had to do 1 last errand and I was willing to forego it but she asked me if we could go to "one more store".  Thats my girl!  So we ran into Best Buy and I got a LIFEPROOF case.  It's waterproof, dust proof, impact proof, snow proof and STAIN PROOF!!  LOL.  The phone is STILL restoring but as soon as it is done I am installing this case and I will hopefully be set!  FINGERS CROSSED.

At least the swing set looks amazing, right???????

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