Sunday, June 10, 2012

Been over a week & Fever

Its been over a week since my last blog.  I have been on overtime here getting the outside the way I want it to look.  I have been watering those darn grass seeds every day and Im barely seeing anything.  Hoping in the next wee things will take off.  Fingers are crossed.  I pretty much weed on a daily basis around the house (takes 5 mins) but today I tackled the hill and it is starting to get to where I want it.  I planted a lot of shady plants there and it seems like they are getting to much sun so I am going to hit the nursery this week and get some sun plants to get it up to par.  I am in LOVE with color this year.  I will post some photos.

I finished the pond today as well.  Got all the leaks taken care of by moving some of the rocks around and all seems good.  I buttoned up the last of it today and reassembled the pump housing and rocks.  I will take a few photos tomorrow.  I got rid of all the 1/2 full bags of peat moss & potting soil and got the yard completely cleaned (except for the kiddos' toys). I an trying to get the bulk of the dirty work done before the party so all I will have to do is mow and weed whack.

D1 has had a mysterious fever the last 2 days.  She woke up the other night on fire.  We started the Tylenol/Motrin regimen and the fever breaks but returns when she wakes up (from bed or nap).  She doesn't complain of anything and when she is without fever she is a rock star.  She wants to go shopping, play outside, etc.  Not sure what is up.  If it last another day I am gonna bite the bullet and give her pediatrician a call.

We got a sneak peek of our family photos and they are AMAZING.  I will post a few here once we get the 'rights' to them.

Also..... if you have an Intex pool I CAN NOT tell you how much I am loving the saltwater system that they offer.  We got it on sale at Walmart (online) at the end of last year for just over $100 with a $50 gift card.  Basically you dump in salt and since it does not evaporate you never add again (online chlorine).  You just run this copper iode salt system that converts the salt to chorine.  I was so completely against it when Hubby brought it up because I HATE salt water.  But even if you get a mouthful it does NOT taste like salt. The concentration is less than that of a teardrop.  Its AWESOME.  I do not remember the water ever being this clear and sparkly.  HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!!!

We cooked on the grill the last few days and I had to post a few pics of the awesome zucchini and Bourbon salmon kebabs!  YUM!

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