Saturday, June 2, 2012


We had our family photos done today.  In the last 3 years it has become "our thing" t get our photos done in June/July.  First was the birth pics of D1 in 2009 then the 1 year pics then D2 arrived in 2011 and this year is now D2's 1st birthday.  With the girls' birthdays being so close it just makes sense.  Get their photos done and get a few with mom & dad looking pretty/handsome.  We have died a few things throughout the year but my all time favorite is outdoor photos.  A friend that I worked with in Columbus did both kids birth pics but she is 2 hours away with a busy schedule.  A local friend posted her family photo shoot a few weeks ago and I LOVED them!  I got a referral and set today up.  We met at 11 at a barn/park.  I had been stressing the last 2 weeks about what we would wear and I got everything sorted out about 3 days ago.  OF COURSE I had planned to have everyone in shorts and today was 60 degrees. I rummaged through TONS of clothing at 8 am.  I finally got everyone fed and clothed and was even able to do my own hair.  WHEW.  Hoping that there were some good ones!!!

We visited Grammie and my BIL at the market thereafter and kiddos were getting hungry so we finally after 2 failed attempts (first the two places we went to were CLOSED for lunch!??!?!?) had a nice lunch and got home.  Hubby and I were EXHAUSTED so we ALL had nap time today.  I then headed out to get some of my "to do's" off the list.

I FINALLY finished staining the swing set. 8-10 hours and a cell phone later... it is done!  ITS BEAUTIFUL.  I was a bit premature and  though I was done at one point until I looked up.  I had forgotten about the ceiling in the sand area.  I then finished 45 mins later.  We LOVE this thing and as far as I see it.... it will be here for a LONG time and if this stain survives the next 3 years I will be a happy camper!
Done + a rainbow!

D1 then helped me set up our vegetable garden.  I picked up plants from my BIL and we get everything in the ground.  We planted 6 tomato plants (various types),  2 basil, a Hungarian pepper, a bell pepper, an eggplant, 2 swiss chard and 2 kale.  I saved some room for flying saucer squash, cucumbers and rosemary.  While taking photos today we were in an herb garden and I am REALLY thinking about doing something like that too next year.  It was adorable... a little fenced area with a bench and every herb you could think of.  We use TONS of cilantro and basil so I think it would be awesome to try... NEXT YEAR.
Our raised beds
Topsoil and more seed!

There are still loads of bare spots in the yard from when the patio was installed.  Today I laid some leftover topsoil in the majority of the areas and threw down some new seed.  Hoping it will start filling in in time for the party.  D2 is SO excited.  Last night I went through EACH of the princess and was trying to decide on a food.  This is stressful.  I have the cake and cake-truffle pops ordered.  This is gonna be quite a shindig.  We are having Gridirne Cookery roast a pig half for us and I will be preparing sides.  We'll have the bounce houses and a princess theme so D1 is ECSTATIC!  She asks pretty much daily when 'her party' is.  I have a feeling this is JUST the beginning!

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