Monday, May 21, 2012

Half & Pool setup

Pre Race (notice the smile)
A friend emailed me tonight how the Half was and I just had to copy my response because it was completely a "me" response and Im too tired to write more...

She had asked me if I was disappointed that she wasn't at the finish with balloons.....

THANK you.  I didn't expect any balloons... maybe a helicopter and IV fluids... but not balloons.

Today was rough... REALLY rough.

Partly I think its because I haven't done much in the last 3 weeks since the 10 miler.... so that is my (and my schedule's fault).  After mile 4 I was SO stinking HOT.  Then I got pissed at mile 6 & 8 because they were running out of cups for water and in between those miles I was thirsty.  I don't run with water.. I always know that every 2 miles it will be there.  I just hate the bouncing bottles on my hip.  One girl seriously came up to me and asked me to trade her a packet of my GU (an energy type gel) for her iPod nano because she was so in need of liquid... I gave it to her without hesitation and she really tried to give me her iPod!

I walked a bunch.  Probably 3 miles.  I was just tired, pissed and hot.  I had hoped for an under 3 hour half and I got a 3:05 mile half so I guess considering my degree of Pissyness, Hotness and Tiredness I cant complain.  Just glad I did not require CPR nor did I shit myself.  Guess its a good day???

Took me 30 mins to compose myself to drive home... Once I plopped my ass down it was hard to get up but I was achey and sore and wanted to sit.  Tonight I ate like a pig, took a steamy epsom salt bath, 600g of motrin, and had 3 beers.  Hoping I will be rejuvenated in the morning.  At least my garmin said that I burned 1600 calories!

I completed one of my goals.... run a half marathon within a year after having D2.  I don't think long distance running will be in my future.. but I keep getting told that its like childbirth... you forget the pain.  Guess we will see!

After my epsom bath I got the pool up and running.... hooked up the new filter and salt water system and sat back to drink my beer.  The sand filter is barely pumping so I have to call tomorrow to do some troubleshooting.  I'm just completely over it right now I can't look at it anymore.  We dumped in the required salt so in a few days we should be in business.... YAHOO!!!

Post race + Beer... notice the smile???

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