Sunday, April 1, 2012

Spring Fling & Date Night!

Today started with an epic fail.  I hyped D1 up all last night and this morning to see the Easter Bunny.  We got all gussied up and she was EXCITED.  Pure 2-3 year old excitement.  We showed up at the Rec center and passed another club member on the way in.  I had asked if the event was fun.  A puzzled look came back at me.  Clearly I had made an error.  It was 11am.  I am historically late to EVERYTHING and I had though the event started at 1030 so I was my usually fashionable self.  I frantically looked at my calendar.  I then started making phone calls.   Turns out the event started at 1:30.  GGGRRrrrrrrr.  Now to break it to a 2-3 year old that she can't see the Easter Bunny.  Fun times.  There were several bouts of tears on the 10 minute ride home.  I had explained that the bunny had to go visit her mommy first and that we would see her later.  It worked for awhile. Then the waterworks started again at 1.

We got there at 1:45 since D2 had to take her nap.  It went well.  D1 got her pictures taken with the Easter Bunny.  She was hesitant at first but quickly got over it. She also had a blast on the bounce houses which is a great thing considering that they are going to be at my home for her birthday!  We stayed until 3:30 and it was clearly time to go.  D2 was cranky and D1 was starting to head towards the spiral called naptime.  We got home in time for a good 1.5 hour siesta.  Respite time for mommy & daddy.

We reviewed our taxes before dropping off the signature sheet and Hubby suggested going out for a date night.  My birthday is Tuesday and his is Wednesday so a date night (OR 2) is fitting this week.  Off Hubby went to pick up the MIL so we can have some US time.  In the meantime I pulled a 'pinterest' and filled the pack & play with balls for some toddler time to tire them out for Grammie.

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