Friday, April 13, 2012

7 miles and Memphis Kiddie Park

Hubby worked late last night so I arranged the MIL to come over early so I could get a run done in the morning.  I feel like I am getting a routine and I need to stick with it.  I have a 10 mile race in 2 weeks and the half in 6 weeks.  If I keep adding at the pace I am going I will be there.  Fingers crossed.  So I headed out for 7 miles. Three point five there and back.  The worse was the mile up to the turn around (which was very hilly) and the last mile.  I wish I could say that its getting easier, but its not.  I have no problem going out and doing 3 miles, but any more than that is just hard.  I was talking to a friend tonight and said that if someone had told me 2 years ago that I would run 7 miles today I would have called them crazy.  Funny.  Now its about me time and mostly about my kids.

I have always been self conscious and had weight issues.  I wish I would have started this journey 10 years ago; when I HAD the time and energy.  I guess all things happen for a reason.  I will NEVER say that I am unhappy or I would have done things differently.  I just think starting this at 35-36 is harder and could have been better started back then. I can only imagine the shape I'd be in!!  I do this so my kids see exercise as a NORMAL, not something that you can do if you want.  If either of my kids get my build, I REALLY have to make this a part of our lives.  So I do it for me AND them. I want to be healthy for them and I want to be fit for US.  I don't want to be the 'fat mom' who can't roller-skate with their kids without getting winded (broken bones are ok... LOL).  Ok... off the soapbox.

After D2 woke up from her nap we took a trip to Memphis Kiddie Park.  I still have tickets from last year and today was the 1st day so I thought it would be fun.  If you have never been there.. GO!  Its great for the 2-5 year old crowd.  Hubby even wanted to go which worked out because I wasn't sure how I was gonna handle D1 & D2 alone.  D1 did AWESOME.  She went on rides by herself for the 1st time.  I even got teary eyed.  She is growing up!  D2 LOVED the carousel.  Its funny how opposite my kids are.  D1 HATED the swing when she was younger and was deathly afraid of the carousel last year.  D2 on the other hand LOVES both.  I hate comparing them but I find it fascinating.

Then I had a mommy trip to Costco.  LOVE that place!  Can I say that I love it even more when I am ALONE!!  I can read labels and comparison shop.  Ahhhhhh its the little things.


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