Sunday, April 15, 2012

Lunch date & Bunco

Today started out early, again.  I woke up just before 7, let the dogs out and started brewing my coffee.  I booted up the laptop , let the dogs in and heard a faint cry from upstairs..  REALLY!?!??!??! She KNOWS when I get up, I swear, and I barely make a peep for the reason!  D2 was happy and ready to party by 7.  WHOS CHILD IS THIS? I love to sleep and so does hubby, and D2 is following suit.  How do I have an early bird!?!?!?!?

I got D1 up at around 8:15 as I wanted to start a new nap schedule.  D1 naps at 3:30-5:30 and D1 now naps from 11-2 and sometimes 4-5:30 with the latter being highly questionable.  When we lose D1's 2nd nap time  I want to try to keep them napping the same times (for my sanity) so Hubby and I talked about putting D2 down earlier.  Today started the transition.  Everyone was up early.  I kept D2 up until noon (she wasn't gonna last much longer without a meltdown) and napped from 12-2:30.  I put D2 down at 2.  She went without question.  We even had a little lunch date prior to nap which was cute.  UNTIL I SAW A GARTER SNAKE 10 feet away from us!!  EWWW!   Anyways... Im hoping that we are on the road to sanity.  I need them both to nap (until they are 18) and would prefer them to go at the same time so I can get things accomplished!  Fingers crossed.
Lunch was a humus, cucumber, sprout sandwich on a torta roll with a side of quinoa salad 

Our backyard visitor!

THEN ONTO BUNCO!  We had a great time!!! There were only 8 that attended.... and we need 12 so we did a quick web search to find out that we could run with 8 on two tables.  I must say, it was faster and more organized with 8!  We discussed our husbands (and explained to a single friend that things aren't all that they are cracked up to be!) and even talked about this blog.  Its nice to hear that I have 'readers'!  My friend KC requested a shout out... so here you go KC!!  She is going to get me the link to her scentsy page that I will link from here in the future!  After the game was over I ended up with my $5 pot.  So it ended up being a free, fun filled evening with friends, drinks and games!!!  Thank you to K, the hostess with the AMAZING DIP!!!  Now I'm  off to bed so I can run it off in the morning!!!!!

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