Sunday, September 16, 2012

Talbots Outlet & Kidless

Today started out just as every other except that D1 was at Grammies house overnight so I actually slept in (until 9... yes... that is sleeping in).  I got up and did the morning ritual of breakfast for D2 and coffee for mommy.  I made a juice and checked the internet.  The things I would get done WITHOUT this damn computer.  D2 played with her toys but you could tell that she didn't exactly like being here without D2.

I decided that today was the day that I would turn D2's carseat around.  She is 15 months and kicks the CRAP out of my seat.  I overdid the 12 month mark and I'm done.  Then I decided to check out a store that friends discussed awhile back at Bunco.  Talbot's Clearance Outlet.  Let me tell you that the clouds parted as I walked in and beams of sunshine broke through the ceiling.  My style is very diverse but if I had a million dollars earmarked for clothes I would dress like Jackie O.  I like the timeless look.  Classic Natural is my official taste.  I have a cable knit navy sweater from the Gap that I got to wear in my 7th grade school pics (YES... 7TH GRADE).  It's a "bit" worn but I still wear it.  Timeless.  Anyways, I think Talbot's is that "look".  Problem is that I can't afford to shop there.  Until now.  I went from rack to rack looking for my size. Had I been an XS I would have tripled my bounty but I still found enough to cause minor damage.  The store is 60-75% off retail and they cap prices at $19.99.  Currently, they are also discounting another 15%.  This meant that nothing was priced over $16.99.  Can you say HEAVEN???????  I ran out of there like I robbed the place.  I found several things as well as a pair of shoes.  Had I been there without D2 and/or she wasn't on the verge of total nap needing meltdown I may have done more.  But 15 items later, we were out of there.

I called several friends on the way home enticing them with my purchases.  I'm afraid that this place will become an addiction.  Upon my arrival home, I added up all the tag prices.  $1407 worth of retail merchandise for $191.  I was fist pumping for HOURS.  I took a gamble and didn't try anything on in the store as D2 wouldn't have it, but surprisingly only 1 thing didn't fit.  Happy for me, it was too large!  YAHOO!  Now; they get new things in every day.  I REALLY want this sweater in an appropriate size so I think I will be heading back tomorrow or Tuesday to see if I can find one.  I also made my mind up to purchase one other thing (a blood red sheath dress) but need to try it on first.  I have found my mecca!
Cute ruffly skirt

My pile!

AWESOME $159 shoes for... yep, $16.99!
Cute sparkly sweater

The replacement to my 7th grade sweater

LOVE this sweater but I swim in it.... gotta make another trip :))))

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