Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Keurig Vue Party & a mowed lawn

First off I have been doing a happy dance ALL DAY.  I got chosen to do a Keurig Vue house party!!!  Part of the party pack is a BRAND NEW NOT EVEN RELEASED YET KEURIG VUE BREWER!!!  These baby's sell for $250 and they aren't being released until MAY!!  WAHOOOOO!!!!  I JUST replaced my Keurig which frustrates me a tad but I'll easily get over it.  If you have not joined house party.... get on it!!   I have gotten some REALLY AWESOME party stuff and highly recommend it!  www.houseparty.com  I will definitely post pics of the machine & party pack when it arrives!

We got up this morning and my motivation level was ZERO.  I asked D1 if she wanted to get dressed to go to music class.  She asked me if Miss T would cry if we stayed home.  I said "no" so she said "OK, then lets stay home".  Funny girl.  We stayed in jammies and when D2 went to her morning nap we got dressed and went outside.  We walked the drive picking up big rocks and sticks and pulled out the electric & phone marker flags.  We had a great time.  It was a bit chilly but VERY sunny.  I got to clean off the pond filters while she played with her shopping cart and toys.

Once D2 got up we headed out again.  I wanted to get some photos of the girls in the green grass.  I didn't even bother taking off D2's jammies!  It was awesome and I got a few good shots.  I even got some great pic of our two pups!

Once it was nap time for both kiddos I got on the tractor and cut the back lawn and front lawn.  I was admiring the beauty of it all.  I cleared about a 1/2 acre of brush the other day.  There is a patch of wet still in the middle so I can't clear that yet... I've been back there every day waiting for the time to do it.  Today I just cut around... what a beautiful day!

The wet area in the middle of my newly cleared area

Lastly, I thought I would snap a pic of my strawberry infused vodka that is brewing in my pantry.... Mmmmmmmm..... Look out Bunco girls!!!

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