Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The brush mower & a day on the town

I had big plans today to stay home and work outside.  I took D1 to Grammie's house and met a friend to look at paint and to test our new Square Credit Card readers for this weekend's Mother's Club Consignment Sale.  We then were talking about patio furniture and Great Escapes came up in conversation.  It was fairly close by so I decided to take a peek.  Bad idea for Hubby.  I found something and it was a floor model and it was still expensive, go figure.  That talk is for another day.

I stopped at Costco to get a few things, found some AWESOME strawberries and got the call that the landscaper was on his way to meet me at our house.  D2 had been an awesome shopper but I could tell it was time to get home anyways...  The landscaper showed up and we went through the changes we wanted, he will come out tomorrow and do a final measurement and give me exact pricing (all have been estimates to this point because we had not decided on accent stone).  CANT WAIT to get to started, hoping 2 weeks.

D2 and I jumped in the car and to pick up D1.  She was beat.  They had planted tomato seeds, painted, and played around outside so my girl was TIRED!  I then got everyone home and got them to nap.  It was an hour past due, but they conked out pretty quickly.  Now it was MOMMY TIME.

My BIL brought over his brush mower yesterday and I was itching to give it a spin.  I broke that sucker out today and realized quickly that it is a BEAST.  It goes through ANYTHING.  I did a bit of clearing on the side and then took out some brush in the back.  Pure power.  It didn't hesitate cutting through the multi floral rose bushes which is pretty darn awesome.  The field mice were scattering left and right... I was praying they wouldn't find a new home in my garage!  I was out there a good hour before I called it quits.  Its self-propelled but it was pretty wet out there so it was more work than normal, I got my workout for the day.

The pond all reassembled!

Kiddos were still asleep and my new UV filter arrived so I got the pond put back together.  Its so clear that you can easily see the bottom.  I'm still waiting for my pond vacuum to arrive to clean more muck but overall its looking pretty good.  I have an island flower bed in the middle of my backyard which I then weeded.  My perennials are all sprouting! AMAZING!

My weed free flowerbed.. landscaper is going to
put matching stones around it when the patio is done!

The perennials are coming!!

Then we decided to cook out on the grill.  D1 loves it and D2, well, not so much!  She can't walk yet so we don't allow her to crawl around on the ground so I decided to bring out the pack & play so I could contain her while still outside.  She loved it.  Score one for mommy!!!

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