Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A whole day with my girl & black coffee

Today was fabulous.  It was 68-70 degrees and I got TONS accomplished.  Mind you, I was hobbling, but TONS accomplished!!

I have also decided to become a hard core coffee drinker.  We have given up creamer.... NOT sugar... but creamer.  Hoping to cut a pound off this year in doing so and I can't say that I miss it!!!  YEAH!!

Anyways, Hubby was off today and our music class was cancelled as our teacher is sick (BOO!) so we slept in.  Daddy made everyone turkey bacon & eggs and mommy got to work cleaning.  I got 3 solid hours in and MAN... windows were open... glass was cleaned and everything sparkled in the sunshine.  HAPPY day.  After my cleaning rampage I decided that I really needed to get out of the house.  I had a TON of errands to run and I had been putting them off because I didn't know the fate of my foot.  D1 wanted to come with me so off we went.  We hit Homegoods, Target, the bank, the grocery, picked up a chair at a friends house, and dropped off something at another friends!  WHEW!  It was amazing weather, how can one complain!  I was a bit uneasy because we didn't get to leave until 1:30.  D1 naps anywhere from 2:30-4.  I knew I was playing with fire but she didn't wake until 9 so I figured I was ok.  I also didn't think my errands would take as long as they did. We blew through nap time like champs.  I made a deal with myself (and hubby) that we would just call an early bedtime tonight.  I think with the time change we've been 'off' anyway.  Bedtime went without a hitch.  Both kids out cold by 8:45pm.  Hoping tomorrow morning will be good.  Weather is supposed to be amazing all WEEK!

Here's a photo of our dinner on the porch.  Hubby fired up the grill and we had a blast!

Tomorrow I hope to get more accomplished outside and get the pond up and running.  CAN. NOT. WAIT!!!  SPRING IS HERE!!! Pics to come!

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