Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Pond leak & pizza

Today I was again very busy.  D1 woke top at 1am last night because use had to "pee" (she wears a diaper at night) and ended sleeping in the guest bedroom with daddy.  He sleeps in there when he has to be up BEFORE the ass crack of dawn so A. we don't keep him up and B. he doesn't wake us up in the morning.  It works quite well.  So a few days a month I get the king sized bed to myself.  So... for some STRANGE reason he took D1 into bed and of course by morning when I went to wake her, she had peed again; all over the bed.  I didn't put a diaper on her after she went at O'ass 30.  Ugghh.  Today was then an impromptu laundry day.

A few weeks ago Hubby and I decided to purchase a friends Tinkerbell Canopy bed.  It got delivered today!  D1 LOVES IT!!!!  She wanted to go to nap right then and there!!  Here's a pic without the canopy material put on.  She has a convertible crib which has been in the 'daybed' mode for the last year but I thought this would be a great transition bed for her to be in before her bed goes to a twin.  Fingers crossed!
Tinkerbell bed

I decided to take both kiddies outside as it was again 70 degrees.  D1 and I cleaned out my pond and D2 sat in her exersaucer on the front walk.  It was nice.  We ate lunch on the porch.  D1 decided to help feed D2 and gave her a bite of peanut butter & jelly sandwich.  SHIT!  Oh well.  I watched D2 like a hawk thereafter and I can now assume that there are no peanut allergies going on.  I had to chuckle.  I am constantly beating my drum "share with your sister" and when she does.... its PB&J.  Funny.

So we got the pond skimmed (and I found 2 dead froggies that didn't make the winter) so I decided to ramp up the waterfall.  All seemed well until later when I noticed a puddle behind the pond as well as a lower water level.  I shut it down to evaluate.  I was a dummy this winter and shut everything down but forgot to unplug my UV filter.  Apparently it burnt up and was now leaking.  I just need to get a new one and we will be back in business.  Crazy thing is that I have an outlet that hasn't been working.... so I tore that apart during nap time and found that was burnt to a crisp too.  UUGGGH.  Hubby stopped at Home Depot for me to get a replacement. Yep, I do electric too!

Then during nap I tackled the brush again.  I found that we have a honeylocust tree.  I noticed it while out there and then saw that this tree has some pretty scary thorns so I had to look it up... honeylocust.  Neat.  Then I started cutting down all these thorny brush plants out there... looked them up to: multi floral rose bushes.  Appartently a non-native weed that invades everywhere... well I cut all that down.... A few more days and the front is done.  Then it will take me another week or 2 to do the side and a few days to do the back... then it should be just about time to start MOWING!!!!  YAHOO.  Spring is here!!!

Dinner tonight was Antonio's pizza... YUM.  Sorry to disappoint but I really just didn't feel like cooking. Tomorrow I will be unveiling my new toy.  I bought a Zojirushi rice cooker.  Hubby and I are making a solid stab at eating healthy and we both believe that rice is a main staple in the effort.  Guess we will be finding out!  Updates tomorrow!

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