Friday, March 9, 2012

Stuck in a BOOT

So I've been training for this half marathon coming up in May.  I've been clocking the miles and I thought I was doing quite well until last week.  My Right ankle normally "clicks" when I walk down the steps in the morning and has lately been quite painful.  To fix this I take a few motrin and continue with my life.  The last 2 days it hasn't worked.  I did 4 miles on Wednesday and it hasn't been right since.  Any wight bearing causes some severe pain.  I am not one to go to a doctor but this morning I decided it was high time.  I made my appointment and off I went.

The took X-rays and decided it was either tendonitis or a stress fracture.  Treatment is the same.  Stop running, ice, elevation & Motrin.  This also means a boot.  UUGGHH.  I started my half marathon 2 weeks sooner than I HAD to to give myself time to adjust and this injury is putting me back 2 weeks.  With my fingers crossed I may still be able to run in May.... fingers crossed.


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