Friday, March 2, 2012

Beet shits

Day started out very good.  I slept in (7am!) and it was a rest day in the half marathon training.  I drank my coffee and surfed the net in peace & quiet until I got the kids up at 830.  Both girls woke up happy so I consider that a fabulous morning.  We got dressed and ate breakfast.  The MIL got here around 10 to watch D2 so I could go to mommy & me preschool with D1.  It was rainbow day and we got to do a cute craft.

Afterwards, we went to the mall to get come new "clippies" for D1's hair.  This was the first time I have let her walk the mall.  She did well.  We had lunch and she helped me look for shoes.  Had to have a small lesson about needs & wants.  Needless to say mommy didn't buy any shoes.  BUT...  We discovered Paciugo gelato.  If you have one in your area I HIGHY suggest it.  One thing about me is that I can NOT turn down ice cream.  When D1 asked for it, I happily obliged.  Once I started talking to the guy behind the counter...  I fell I love.  He said that my small (which had 3 different flavors) was 210 calories.  This stuff is made from milk not cream like ice cream.  I will be going back.  I went to their website and noticed all of their flavors.  I may be back DAILY.  YUM.

Fast forward to tonight.  Hubby got home from work and we decide to make tacos.  We now have a freezer of venison so I figured I would try it (along with my homemade taco seasoning).  It was great.  I also made spanish rice from scratch.  Not sure why I have never done this before... but its quite easy.

It was now bath time.  I have been getting the kids in the tub together.  D1 is fine alone and D2 has this swivel seat that attached to the wall of the tub so its awesome to let them play and spend time together.  D1 has been ASKING to get in every day... and it makes things easier for me, so I am all about it!  Daily, I say a little prayer that D2 doesn't poop in the tub.  She is 8 months old, its a quite valid fear.  Tonight I got D2 out and was getting her diaper on when I hear "mommy, I have to poop".  Mind you, we are in about the 6-7 month of potty training, so she has been pretty awesome lately.  I got D2's diaper on... it couldn't have been even 2 minutes.  I walk over and there is a tub full of poop soup.  I said "did you poop in the tub".  "No mommy".  Uh huh.  This is what I saw.

Needless to say that every tub toy has been quarantined.  D1 had to be completely disinfected.  D2's tub seat has been submerged in bleach as is the entire tub.  Gross.  The best part is that we had beets for dinner last night.  Beet shits. Joy joy.  I had to text a friend who calls me during her dark hours... just so she can see that the black cloud covers more than her home.  Of course, she loved this.

As if that wasn't enough...

Finally, with hubby's help I get everything cleaned up so I went downstairs.  I had to pee so I went in and found a toilet full of beet shits.... this time they belonged to hubby.  Yep, forgot to flush.  EWWWWWWWWwwwwwwwwwww.  It will be a LONG TIME before I make beets again.

I am in beet hell.

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