Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Trip grade: A

My trip was GREAT.  We left on schedule at 5:30am Friday morning only to come back 15 mins later because I forgot D1's shoes, OH WELL.  We were back on the road by 6am and arrived in good 'ol York PA at 11:20am.  Not too shabby.  D1 didn't really sleep except for a 45 min nap.  I think she was a bit excited.  I left her in her jammies and we only had to stop once so she could pee.  She did GREAT.  We stopped in to see my dad for just a few minutes before meeting a friend for a sushi lunch.

We then ventured to my brother's house.  It was wonderful.  D1 and her cousin (who's birthday was St Patty's day and the reason we ventured there) are 3.5 months apart in age.  They played, rolled in the grass, hugged, and just overall enjoyed each other.  This was great for the parents because they kept each other BUSY!  They did not nap though.  I think they were both worried about 'missing something'.  I was fearful that this would carry into "real life" upon our return but she took one LONG nap today! YEAH!

Saturday morning I went and got my hair done and my mom watched D1.  Then it was birthday party time.  Since I was out and about (and it was 73 degrees and sunny) I stopped and got my car washed, and did a tad bit of shopping before heading back.  The party was great.  My sister in law always makes great food and I just enjoy spending time with my family.  Everyone took turns watching the "kids" so that everyone could have a good time.  My child-less brother brews his own beer and brought a few kinds that definitely did NOT disappoint.  I swear he needs to go into business!!!

Since it happened to be St Patty's day I mad made arrangements with my parents for them to keep D1 overnight.  I figured it was my 1st St Patty's without kids in 3+ years.  I met up with one of my brothers. his wife and a few others.  A group from high school was also out so we met up.  GOOD TIMES.  One of my friends was very excited to start doing some shots.  I was drinking beer all day and so I was a bit leery but all worked out.  We found a shot named "alot of vagina".  Needless to say we had to try it.  AWESOME.  Then came the "screaming orgasm" which was even better.  I got to see a few co-workers out and we had a great time.  I was my usually UN-shy self so I got several laughs.  GOOD TIMES.
The menu in case you didn't believe me!

Shot one (of ????)

Needless to say I had a tad bit of a headache the next morning.  Mom took D1 to the grocery store and let me sleep it off.  Good thing.  Then I met a friend, her daughter & new grand baby out for breakfast at the restaurant I worked at for 7 years.  I was in the memory mood so afterwards I drove around.  I stopped in the neighborhood I grew up in, the high school I went to, etc.  I moved away several times since I was 18 and the last time was 2006.  My how things change in that short time.  My old neighborhood wasn't quite the same.  The high school expanded and businesses came and went.  I got a bit emotional just thinking about it all.  Not sure why it struck me that way.  It just doesn't seem like "home" anymore.  Its now more like "where I grew up".  Weird.

Then I headed to the grocery store.  I had to pick up my staples that I can only get there.  Sweet Lebanon Bologna, Martin's chips, Batampte pickles (for Hubby), and twin pine farms bologna stick. I really wanted to get a few tasty cakes but I was trying to be a good girl.  After my shopping I headed back to my brother's house.  The kiddos were at the movies watching Lorax with my mom so we had a bit of needed quiet time.  I had brought a corned beef from Jaworski's (Cleveland) and my sister in law did a great job cooking it.  We decided that we wanted to make Haluski with it.  I brought my spaetzle maker and we went to work.  IT WAS FABULOUS.  Below is the dough recipe and then the Haluski recipe compliments of a friend from the mom's club.  Dinner was awesome!

Noodle recipe
1 medium to large head of cabbage, chopped (you can use food processor)
2 sticks of margarine and 1 stick butter (more or less as desired)
salt and pepper to taste

While boiling the dumplings, saute (in large fry pan) butter and cabbage cooked until soft and golden brown
Add dumplings to fry pan and fry a little longer . Mix it all while frying but don't overdo so dumplings stay together.

 I repeated the trip there on the way back except I didn't forget any shoes.  I packed the car the night before, woke up at 5am, dunked D1 in her seat and we were on the road by 5:45am.  She actually slept until 8am.  She had such a long weekend, poor thing.  We were home by 11:20 with one pit stop.  I have now found my perfect time to leave.  It just works for us.  I hate driving at night but this way its only partly night and we can get to our destination and still have a full day.  Like I said, it just works.  I'm glad to be home!!

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