Sunday, March 25, 2012

Busy Weekend & GUN NIGHT

This weekend was my mother's club consignment sale.  We throw this show twice a year.  What a well oiled machine!!!  We currently have 143 members and they are free to sell anything kid or maternity related in exchange for a 4 hour shift.  There are no individual tables.. its one HUGE room of shopping and one checkout!  My baby this year was the addition of credit cards.  I know that I do not carry cash and I can't be the only one!  Members can use checks but I always feel like the 'big ticket' items sometimes aren't purchased because people don't PLAN to buy them, but want them!  I did the legwork and was happy to do it.  It ended up being a complete success!!!  I got SO many compliments on this new gem.  I think it will serve our club well.

Anyways Friday night I was at the sale and then back at 8am the next morning.  It made for a long weekend.  Not that it wasn't long enough, but a few people had expressed interest in doing a 'night out' with the husbands.  We tried to think of events that they would enjoy and the first thing I thought of was GUNS.  My husband LOVES guns.  Sure, we could have gone to a sporting event or something, but this sounded just FUN.  I called and arranged the location and a safety talk by the owner.  I found an indoor range not too far away.  Unfortunately they only have 8 stalls so we were limited to that many couples.  I went with the people that constantly asked about the event.  We had our 8.  A few days before, as it always happens, 2 people cancelled.  I felt horrible asking people last minute because we all have kids... so I left it at 6.  We had a ton of fun.  Most of the people have never shot a handgun so it was very interesting to see their reactions.  I loved it.  Of course, the guys were loving it too.  I think we all had a great time.

The crew!
Yep... my target!
Hubby let me sleep in (until 930) because he later hit me up and asked me if he could go to a gun show at the IX center.  What could I say?  The girls and I hung out watching movies.  I decided to trim D2's hair for the first time.  Poor baby is 9 months old and her hair had grown well over her eyes.  I trimmed her up and its fabulous because she can now see and I can look into those beautiful blue eyes without obstruction.

Since this was the first day in about 2 weeks that I didn't have something penned into the calendar my house was a wreck.  I decided to tackle the cleaning.  Dinnertime came quickly so I have more to do tomorrow, but I got a majority done INSIDE.  Its amazing... I mowed the lawn about 4 days ago and it already needs to be redone.  LOVING this weather!!!

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