Thursday, February 2, 2012

Say hello to my little friend....

Today was a busy one, hence writing this at 1245 am!  We woke up late which was nice.  Not sure how this happens but my 2.5 year old sleeps more then my 7 month old.  D1 DEFINITELY takes after me!!   My husband decided to take D1 to his mom's house for the day instead of being barricaded in the basement as Stanley Steamer was coming today to clean my carpets.  I just get so excited for cleanliness!   The afternoon was quite nice as I had D2 sleeping and clean floors.  Ahhhhh. HEAVEN.

After nap time I wanted to run some errands.  I'm running a 5K in a couple weeks so I wanted to get the jogger stroller a tune up at Eddie's bike shop.  What nice guys.  They tightened my spokes, aired me up and didn't charge me a dime.  Sweet!  I also got to duck into World Market for the 1st time in YEARS.  OMG.  Could have spent TONS of cash and time in there today, its probably good I HAVEN'T been in there in years.  I did find a recliner I fell in love with... but decided to do the adult thing and tell my husband first before purchasing.  He didn't say no, just that he would like to test it out first, fair deal.  There are very few things that he cares about and seating in our living room is one of them.  Go figure.

I then arrived home and my dad had arrived from York.  Whenever someone visits I always feel wonderful.  I miss my family terribly so I long for their visits 'out to the country'.  I had thrown in one of my crock pot meals 'Bloody Mary Chicken' so dinner was pretty much just throwing together some mac & cheese.  Figured it would go well with the bloody mary taste!  We decided to shred the chicken so that the sauce was thoroughly infused into the chicken.  It was pretty good!

After the kids and husband went to bed I decided to put together my new toy!  My mother in law had 2... yes, 2 compound mitre saws and lent me one.  When I moved to Ohio I ran out of room in the truck and was not able to bring mine.  My brother uses it pretty regularly so I almost feel bad asking for it back.  Anyways, I have hers and it came with an unassembled stand.  I decided tonight was the night.  Took me about an hour but its together and READY TO GO.  I have so many projects on my 'TO DO' list so now I can put the wreath making aside and get down to business.  Meet my new friend!

Most women get excited for jewelry, and don't get me wrong.. I do, but there is NOTHING like a power tool!!  The possibilities are endless.  Watch out crown molding... watch out floating shelves... HA!

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  1. Oh you lucky lady! We are borrowing my BILs right now and I dread the day we need to return it!