Tuesday, February 7, 2012

So thought it was Sunday.

Not sure how it happened but all day today I thought it was Sunday.  My dad took D1 to the zoo for most of the day.  My husband went to his mom's so it was D2 and myself all day.  Quite nice.  I figured that I would start tackling some more projects I had in the queue.  I have been itching to use the mitre saw so I put D2 to nap and got started.  There is NOTHING like using power tools; NOTHING.  I cut the trim for the chalkboard magnet wall, I cut the pieces for all 3 of the floating shelves.. then I started painting.

I painted the coat of Chalkboard paint onto the wall and then primed the trim. The trim didn't go up as expected so that has been put off to another day.  I got everything cut for the shelves.  I did need nails so I went to Home Depot.  I got there at 6:45 and realized that they close at 7 on Sundays... so here I am running through the store trying to get the 1x2 I needed as well as the plywood.  When checking out I realized that I left some stuff I had brought to return in the car.  I ran out and noticed that they were still letting people in the front door at 7:30.  Normal people would then notice that it wasn't Sunday.  Not me.  I completed my return and realized I forgot a few screws.  I then darted down the hardware isle to grab the screws.  Upon checking out again I mentioned to the cashier that they were still there and he said "we are open until 10".  I asked if it was something special.  Nope.  ITS MONDAY.  UUGGHHHHH.  Then I had TONS of time.  I ran back to paint and got a quart of midnight blue for my accent wall in the 'water closet'. Checked out a total of 3 times plus my return.... ONLY ME.

Got home and assembled 2.9 of 3 floating shelves.  Tomorrow I will finish the last one and start sanding.  Hoping to get them up by the end of the week.  More pics then!

Frames ready to be assembled

1st shelf built

2nd shelf built

3rd shelf ready to go

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