Sunday, February 12, 2012

Hibernating in PJ's

Today I woke up with the kids as I was up 4 times last night with D2.  She is getting 4 teeth on the top at the same time and is ABSOLUTELY MISERABLE.  Unfortunately shit rolls downhill... onto Mommy's lap because Daddy works mornings this week.  She was up at 11:40p, 1:38a, 3:30a and 6:02a.  This made getting up at 630a IMPOSSIBLE.

When we did get up the snow was falling and a quick look on the calendar revealed that we had NO plans.  I declared it a PJ day.  D2 remained pretty crabby throughout the day.  She took her morning nap and then when it was time fr the afternoon nap I got both down at the same time.  I jumped onto the treadmill and got a mile in when bloody murder was screamed from D2's room.  The screaming must have woken D1 as she woke up quickly thereafter. Humph.  Fortunately my husband got off work a tad early because by 6pm I was pretty wiped.  He actually suggested that I take a nap.  I happily obliged.  I had thrown one of my freezer crock pot bags in this morning so dinner was covered.

After my power nap we had a nice dinner and made a fire and relaxed until bedtime.  Hubby volunteered to put kiddos to bed so I think that I am going to take him up on it and get some extra sleep as I want to restart my morning routine tomorrow.

This afternoon I did quickly get done my Valentine decorations... Here you go!  I did the words with the cricut machine.  Makes things a TON easier!

My Valentine Decorations

Hung on the mantle!

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