Thursday, February 9, 2012

Achy all over

Hoping that its nothing and use sleep deprivation.  Fingers crossed.

Today was nice.  Woke up early to get D1 ready for her outing with her uncle and grammie.  They are taking an art class at the museum.  D1 was up late last night so I was happily surprised that she got up willingly.  Then I met with one of the girls from the Mom's club to organize our storage room.  Feels good getting things organized, even if its not my mess!  Then the aches started.  Knees, legs, back.  UUGGHH.  I came home to a sleeping husband on the couch and a sleeping baby in her crib.  Normal people would join the crowd but I wanted to get a few things accomplished; in peace and quiet.  Even the dog was sleeping (0n my pillow nonetheless!!)
Sleepy doggy!

I started painting the accent wall in our "poop room" aka water closet.  It then finally hit me to stain the floating shelves vs painting them.  I figure that I can paint over stain but the reverse us not true.  Stain first.  So the 1st coat is on.
gray walls
shelf in the corner
Not too exciting
water closet before

We had a mom's club meeting tonight.  I got "officially" nominated for next year's presidency.  Not sure if Im happy or insane yet.  Keep you posted on that one.  I have my issues that I would like to fix and if I can get some of them accomplished I will be very happy. Hmmmm...

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