Thursday, February 9, 2012


So I am in a parent toddler 2 year old preschool class with D1.  We have fun.  Its 1.5 hours once a week and we are in class with a few of my friends so it is usually social hour for me which is wonderful.  This week is "Valentine's" themed.  I actually had to ask if we were doing Valentine cards and I was quickly told yes by all whom I asked.  I am a bit surprised by this.  A few weeks ago I took the girls to the library so we could get some Valentine books so D1 can start getting the idea of the various holidays.  We checked out several books and I read them to her daily.  Does she understand what Valentine's Day is?  HELL NO.  She is 2 1/2 years old.  Will SHE be making the Valentines? NO.  She can't even sign her own name.  Again, WHY ARE WE DOING VALENTINES????  Nonetheless, I went to Target 2 weeks ago to get ahead start on this Hallmark Holiday.  I went to the appropriate "seasonal" isle and there were boxes of princess, batman, Elmo and various other cards that all had sayings like "I love you" and "be mine".  Did I mention that they are 2.5 years old?  She doesn't LOVE anyone besides hubby and I and she surely don't want anyone to BE HERS except her teddy bear!  Did I also mention that these were between $5-10 per box.  Then I thought... do you get girly ones for the girls and boy ones for the boys?  If yes, double that cost.  Screw that.  I went home and logged into my favorite site.  PINTEREST.

I liked the crayon melting idea.  I bought the heart mold.  Figured it was $14 and I'll have it forever.  I had leftover crayons from Christmas (I'll post that pic too) and D1 always brings me her 'broken' ones and refuses to use them... so I have quite a collection.  I am also the mom that keeps a ziplock in my purse of 'restaurant crayons'.  Anytime we get a few with the kids menu I keep them so I can keep her busy at restaurants that don't give them away.  I have a big stash at this point.  All meltable in my mind. What to do BESIDES the crayon heart?

Many people post uses for paint swatches.  I always love the ideas.  Then it hit me.  Crayons... color swatches... I'm sure i can put something together.  I went to Home Depot last week and got a stack of a few different reds and then I went to Lowe's this week and got a few more.  I broke out the cricut machine and went through my cartridges looking for hearts.  This is what I came up with!
Getting the supplies ready!

Glued on the cricut hearts after cutting out the kids names.
Then i wrote my message and double sided taped the crayon heart.WALA!

Here is the pic of what I did for the teacher for Christmas.  SHE.LOVED.IT.

Christmas craft
I froze the crayons and then got on Microsoft Word.  I printed out the biggest font F I could find and then a pretty script for the "Mrs Farr".  Then I printed it onto card stock.  I held up the crayons to the paper and nicked the crayon with a knife.  Then I would roll and cut the canon at the same time scoring it as I went and then they would just snap.  Then hot glue THE PAPER (if you put hot glue right onto the crayon it will harden immediately as the crayons are still cold.  Then I trimmed the paper to fit in a $8 shadowbox!  WALA!  Teacher gif!  I am wondering if I can get away doing this until she graduates???? HA!

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