Saturday, February 18, 2012

Negativity won

I ran the Chili Bowl 5K this morning.  I woke up grouchy, had to get D1 ready to go and motivate hubby to get D2 ready.  I was running late and it was cold.  Temp said 40 degrees but the wind was KILLER.  There were only 2 of us with strollers.  Runners are pretty much in one of 2 camps with strollers.  Either they are AMAZING or dog shit.  The AMAZING people hold doors, talk to D1, and cheer me on.  The dog shit crew do the opposite.  They walk or run for that matter RIGHT in front of me practically cutting me off, don't pay attention to the stroller, or just do not care.  Most people are in the latter camp, sorry to say.  Anyways, I ran a slow race to say the least.  The wind killed me.  We ran down around the Brown's stadium and back up the hill and I died. This body doesn't do hills and especially pushing 60 extra pounds.  I walked.  The negative voice on my left shoulder was far louder than the positive voice on my right.  I was very disappointed in myself.  The stroller kept pulling to the right... I took the front wheel into the bike shop a couple of weeks ago and though the problem was resolved; guess not.  Its no fun trying to stay positive when its cold, you're tired and you are constantly straightening out a stroller.  The cards were against me.  We had our chili, and headed home.

Im in the upper right corer in the turquoise shirt with my hand up.  Happy BEFORE the race.

How does the saying go?  Don't let a black cat cross your path?  I didn't.  I was 5 minutes from my house and a black cat ran out in front of my car.  Yep; bump, bump.  I stopped the car and the cat was dead.  VERY dead.  In pieces dead.  I called my husband (we took separate cars so he could run errands afterward) who was unimpressed and then called a girlfriend who agreed that I should call the police.  The police dispatcher told me "its ok... not your fault.  We will have someone clean it up by Monday".... MONDAY!?!??!  Eww.  I just asked Hubby if it was still there when he went shopping, its still there.  Poor thing.  I felt horrible.  After a horrible day just more despair.

D1 and I then stopped in at another friend's party.  1st birthday party fun!  It was very nice and the cake was amazing.  I ate mine and finished D1's.  Eating away my sadness.

Tonight hubby made chili (we got in the mood for it after sampling at the run).  Pretty good!  Hubby got a deer processed a few weeks ago and has been trying to incorporate it into our meals.  I have never been a fan of venison, but this is fabulous.  Last week he made tenderloins on the grill and I had him get some beef steaks as well 'just in case' and BY FAR the venison was better.  It had been a LONG time since I had tried it as the last time was horrible and I will stand corrected.  There is NO gamey flavor AT ALL.  NONE.  Everything I have tried I have loved so I will continue on until further notice.

Never got a chance to finish the bathroom today.  My plan is to go to bed now, get up and do an easy 2 miles and then attempt it at nap time. I will post pics as soon as its done.  Night!


  1. Oh Shawn! But you finished at that's amazing!!!! So proud of you!! And I want some pics of this bathroom :)