Sunday, February 19, 2012


I did it. I hung the shelves and did some quick decor for the bathroom and its PRETTY much done.  I am going to make Hubby a table/storage unit for his magazines (so I don't have to look at them) and then we will *Officially* be done but I feel like I MUST post pics now.  So excited!

I cut the frame and sheath

And assembled them

This one is for the basement.

Before pics of the bathroom... Unit that held the TP & magazines


Shelving unit that took up a lot of space

Blank wall

I decided to do an accent wall of a midnight blue (color of our towels)

Then I stained the shelves to match the cabinets (I teetered on painting them the trim color and I am SO glad I didn't!)

Wall done.  Looks purple but its very blue


I did a straight edge with tape and then touched up the gray of the rest of the room

I decided that the shelves "needed something" so I went to Lowes and found a dental molding piece that fits with the rest of the house.  I saw it and HAD to have it!

1st shelf hung.  Its VERY snug

2nd shelf going up.  Frame first then the sheath over

2nd shelf installed

Molding installed & more touchup painting.

Then for the art.

I've seen people (and my mom did it) used scrapbook paper and squares.  I decided to "Shawn it" and do circles.  I traced them and then hot glued them.

I got 4 and I will get some more... I like the look.

I just put a small brad (nail) in the wall and pushed these on. 

My plan is to add circular black & white pics of D1 & D2 at the beach this summer!

I pulled all colors (variations of) from the room.

Then I accessorized from the bathroom.  I did purchase a battery operated gas lamp look alike (with a timer) that is not here yet.  That will go on the top shelf for those night time visits when you really don't want full light.

What do you think???  I am VERY happy with it and even Hubby has complimented!  All for about $50.  Not too shabby!  I'll post another photo when I get the lamp and again when I make the storage unit!

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