Friday, February 10, 2012

Evaluation time.

Today has made me take a step back and look at my current routine.  I'm tired, I haven't been on the treadmill in a week (And I feel 500#) and I have quite a few projects in the queue.  I have aways used 'nap time' as 'my time' but this time is becoming less about me and more about 'getting done what I started'.   Too many things to get done and not enough time.  I was getting on the treadmill religiously but with D2 sometimes sleeping 30 mins and sometimes 1.5 hours its completely random.  Not to mention that I HATE getting psyched up to start a jog and then D1 or D2 waking up and being interrupted.  I think that I need to make ME TIME.  I am always staying up until 12-1am either online or completing some project.  This seems like the perfect time to get some exercise in but then I'm all adrenalined up.... so no go.  This is my new plan:

Baby in bed by 8:15 D1 in bed BY 9.  I have until 10 to do projects and blog.  Then 10pm is mommy bedtime.  The kicker will be waking up by 6.  The kids sleep about 12 hours (D2 wakes 1 time for a bottle) so I basically have until 8:30 to be showered and dressed before they wake up.  2.5 hours of ME time.  Sounds HEAVENLY.  Then nap time (whatever that may be) can be project time because projects can get done whenever, AND I will probably have leftover time in the AM.  Strategically this seems like it would work. I am just NOT and never have I been a morning person.  I worked nightshift since 1994 and rarely see dawn.  Will this work?

I am such a type A person.  I am a control freak.  I can control any aspect of my life.  When I wanted to lose weight I did Adkins for 4.5 years and lost 75#.  When I read Skinny Bitch and watched Food Inc I swore off meat and was a vegetarian for 1.5 years.  I can do this.  I don't need to leave my house.  I can get up... drink my coffee and get on the treadmill, do a video, whatever.  I will see results therefore it should work.  I'll just be screwed if they wake early.  That would mean that they would go to bed earlier and I would wake earlier.  Hmm... again, seems to make sense.

This decision is also coming with a choice I had to make today about when to send D1 to preschool.  Our current class is 11:15-12:45.  Enough time to have a late morning and time to have lunch afterward and get to nap.  We don't wake until 8:30ish so it fits perfectly.  Next year the choices are 9:15-11:15 OR 12:15-2:15. I figured the latter was a no brainier.  EXCEPT, all of her friends (I mean MY FRIENDS) are doing the morning thing.  AND I have no clue what D2 will be doing by then.  So I bit the bullet and tonight signed up for the 9:15 class.  This means that D1 MUST get up by 8 at the very latest.  This also means that this family needs to start getting a morning routine.  This is the prod in my ass that I probably need.  I do it first and by September we will be there.  Not to mention that I am signed up for a 1/2 marathon in May... so with my lack of time to run... I have no time to train.  MUST. DO. THIS.

I did start a quickie craft tonight... need some color in the house and Valentines are just too cute!  Tomorrow I will attach the words!  They were 99 cents at Pat Catans!

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  1. a perilous balance. take. on. less. to. begin. with. I love you!