Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Tax day

I have been dreading it.  The 2nd part of our household financial restructuring was tonight.... getting taxes done.  I was worried the whole time.  I had to go alone because for the 1st time EVER I messed up the schedule and thought Hubby was off and he wasn't.  I had all the paperwork in order, my spreadsheets printed, I was ready.  I spit out the numbers as he asked... I whizzed through.  Then.... he hit the 'calculate' button.  I just about kissed the man.  He successful made me no longer hate CPA's.  He critiqued our prior firm (and makes me want to SUE THEM) and is willing to file amended returns.  He gave tax PLANNING advice which was never offered prior. I am in heaven.  PATIO HERE I COME!!!!  

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