Thursday, July 5, 2012

Long Time & Garlic Scapes

So its been awhile since my last post.  Sorry.  Just a TON of stuff going on here.  Mainly it was my father moving in and the kiddos birthday bash.  It required me to do all sorts of cleaning, reorganizing and outdoor work.  This left little time for much else; including blogging.

Dad has easily moved into the guest bedroom and basement.  Pretty uneventful to tell the truth.  He has his bedroom upstairs and his 'shop' set up downstairs.  He deals in antique toys and sells on ebay.  Mostly Tonka and old cars & trucks.  My future basement bathroom is filled with inventory and my exercise room now holds his computer/desk and tables of stuff to photograph, wrap, and ship.  My treadmill is in the midst of all of it and as long as it doesn't get buried, we are ok.   We are settling into a routine which is music to my ears.  Its nice to have someone here at night so that if I/we want to go out, its fair game!

The outside work has been busy.  The garden is in full growth pattern and I pretty much weed on a daily basis to keep everything under control.  I also planted grass around the patio where it got ripped up from the build and watering it every day has been painstaking.  My routine of starting the sprinkler, walking around the house and pulling a weed here and there, moving the sprinkler, deadheading my flowers, moving the sprinkler, skimming the pool, and moving the sprinkler is tedious.  My routine pretty much takes the entire nap time depending on what I do.  I do this EVERY day.  I do bonus self and get into the pool most days until I hear a wailing baby.  I also decided that instead of spreading weed killer (ie. chemicals) on the lawn that I would try to pull most of the broadleaf weeds.  This has taken HOURS.  My compost pile has LOVED it, my back has NOT.  I am going to do an organic fertilizer here in the next week or so, and we will see how that goes.

The birthday party weekend has come and gone.  SO much planning went into it.  I had said about a dozen times that I am not sure why I do it to myself, yet I am sure that I will be doing it again next year.  The main issue is the D1 ASKED for the princess party.  This was the 1st time that she has been into it.  Hubby has also always wanted to have a pig roast.  We joined these two events into one.  We had a princess party with a pig roast and rounded out the evening huddled around a fire watching fireworks.  It was great.  One of my brothers (I am the oldest and only female of 3) brews his own beer and brought a mix of 6.5 cases.  Mark my words, he is the next Sam Adams.  The stuff is amazing!  I also had our Mom's club's bounce houses set up so the kiddos were nice and tired by sunset.  It was awesome to have my whole family here under our roof.  My niece and nephew did amazing.  You always have to worry with 4 kids under the age of 3 in one house but it was great.  They all behaved and the 3 year old girls just love each other dearly.  They ate together, slept together and bathed together.  They were each others babysitter which was amazing!  Now I am taking the week off before assuming the role of President of our Mom's Club.  That is sure to be a blog entry!

raw garlic scapes

Trim and add to the food processor

chop 'em up with some walnuts, salt and EVOO

BAM!  Garlic Scape Pesto!
(from the above you must add some parmesan cheese)

and into the silicone mold to freeze!

Garlic scapes.  What are they?  Well.  When you grow garlic, as my brother in law does... it is planted so long (you plant in fall for a summer harvest) and then goes to seed.  This seed pod at the top of the garlic plant is called a scape.  They have many uses.  You can steam them, fry them and add them to soup.  If you cook them the garlic stinginess goes away.  I decided to try my hand at scape pesto.  Let me tell you how awesome it was!  Now, I usually make a TON of pesto in the food processor and freeze it into cubes before I add cheese (cheese does not freeze well in pesto) with the over abundance of basil and garlic from the farm.  Making scape pesto was simple.  Olive Oil, scapes and walnuts (you can also use pine nuts- but they are expensive).  No need for garlic because a raw scape is VERY garlicy and no need for basil.  Now, you have to LOVE garlic as we do.  We can't use enough of it so it suits us well.  I then freeze the balls and take them out and add a bit more olive oil and parmesan cheese and add it to pasta, soups, or just as a dip.  I actually put a thin layer on top of my turkey burger tonight for dinner!  YUMMO!!!
We steamed and then sautéed a few with mushrooms!
Garlic scapes

Mix in food processor to taste.
***If you are freezing do NOT add cheese.  Defrost and add some EVOO and the Parmesan

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