Monday, July 9, 2012

Challenge & My Water Garden

Today I pose a challenge to anyone who reads this. Watch a movie.  Yes, a certain movie in particular.... Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead.

My husband and I like to think that we live a fairly healthy lifestyle.  We eat 90% of our meals at home, we eat organic when appropriate and available, don't drink soda regularly and we have cut out the majority of red meat.  We are FAR from perfect but we try.  We try for our kids.  I have always had a weight issue and therefore I don't want to pass these body-ism's onto my kids.  D1 & D2 have rarely eaten fast food and have never had soda touch their lips.  Again, not prefect but we try.  We have watched movies like Food, Inc, King Corn and Supersize Me.  After each one we have taken something additional out of our diets.  Not that we ate bad before, but there is just too much to consider when eating.  If you look at food as fuel (which it technically is) then you tend to eat better.  Todays movie struck home.

It was a fluke. Hubby and I sat down after putting the kiddos to nap for a 5 minute rest before heading outside to do chores (which never got done).  I bought a Roku and Hubby wanted to check it out.  He was perusing Netflix and happened to stumble on this particular movie.  After watching the first 5 minutes we were both hooked.  I don't want to give away any parts of the movie.... but all I can say is that its just amazing how the human body works.  The documentary inspired us to try a fast.  We have my BIL the organic farmer to help us with produce (and he is an AVID kale smoothie-er), its summer and I have my own garden as well, and we already own the same juicer as Joe has.  We are in business.

The challenge is to do a 10 day juice fast as in the movie (sorry had to give a tad away).  We have now been discussing the option to chew SOMETHING.  Hubby suggested that we would be allowed to eat any raw food, i.e. carrot sticks, celery, even a salad but no dressing and I think its acceptable.  I will be just doing juice, but whatever helps him!  Tonight I had already planned a grocery store run so I added some of the ingredients to make their green machine juice..... found this site:  I plan to do lunch juices starting tomorrow.  Our official start date is July 28th.  I will blog about it as we go and I hope it does us well.  I have a feeling it will!!

  My water garden is in full bloom.  I had had several lilies pop up in all colors, white, red and pink.  Yesterday my lotus bulb decided to open.  All I can say is AMAZING!!!!!!!  I am enamored by it. The best part is that its a hardy plant and will continue to return every year.  Once our lake is excavated I plan to put some in it as well.  I just love summer with all of its floral beauty!!!

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