Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Dog Sitting & Recovery

Luey is doing much better.  She finished her antibiotics and her incision has closed up incredibly.  She is still walking with a limp but a better limp than she had before surgery.  Im hoping that my bionic dog is on the up & up.  She is definitely in great spirits and her appetite is almost back to normal.  Im thinking that she likes being in her crate at this point... she has a dog bed she doesn't have to share... no kids climbing on her and she gets personalized attention when she is out.  Doggie Heaven.

One of Mike's friend took a last minute trip to Florida so we volunteered to dog sit.  The dog's name is John.  He was a rescued racing Greyhound and has the tattoos to prove it.  He is a very gentle dog.  He's 11 years old.  Such a good boy.  He's fitting in the house of estrogen well!

I'll post a great photo of one of my favorite summer time eats.  Flying Saucer Squash.  My BIL had gotten squash borer so Im not sure how many veggies he will get from his plant so I decided that, since it was my favorite, that I would grow some here.  This is my first plant and I have 6 more now going.  This is a photo of my 1st squash.... grow baby grow!  Yummy!!!!

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