Friday, August 31, 2012

Busy Life & Applications

Life has been insane the last few weeks.  I have been running nonstop with the girls and I'm starting to feel it.  Fall is almost here and it seems like I'm wanting to squeeze all I can out of the last of summer.  Mom's club is now in full swing which is probably the main source of my business besides D1 & D2.  I have had communication meetings, financial meetings, committee meetings, multiple emails and weekly updates all going on with a full household.  I am hoping that now the initial meetings are pretty much done that things will calm down.  I have an AWESOME group of women on my board and I got the joint board meeting (last year & this years board meet) under my belt.  Sept 12 is the first general meeting and I am getting the agenda done this week.  Hubby keeps asking me what I am getting paid.  HA!  Funny man!  But really, I do love it.  I get to connect with people and stay busy.... VERY busy.

Looking at my short term future I somehow decided that I have some free time coming up.  As in next fall.  Therefore, I submitted grad school applications for both Ursuline College and Kent State.  Got my essays done, reference packets sent, transcripts ordered... now I wait.  Hoping for interviews soon so I can breathe normally again.  Hoping my path is well lit and that I can accomplish my career goals.  FINGERS CROSSED.

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