Monday, August 20, 2012

Redemption & Tomato Sauce

Today I FINALLY got to donate blood.  Last week was such a disaster I dreaded what would come of today.  ZERO, yes, ZERO issues.  I was in and out in 50 minutes.  That was even allowing my information to be reentered into the system because apparently Brecksville didn't load me into said system, surprise, surprise.  Oh well.   I will be on Hinckley's 6 week call list any day.  It will be nice to get back into the donating groove.  Red Cross got some redemption.

D2 is ill.  She was very clingy and cuddly.  I almost feel bad that I enjoyed it.  She is 14 months so is in the 'go-go-go' stage and hardly cuddles.... so it was very sweet to have her laying on my lap enjoying me rubbing her back.  Love her.

I am becoming the party planner.  I am working on an event for Mom's club which I am QUITE excited for (hope everyone else is!) and I got the idea in my head that we should do something within our neighborhood.  Our development has only 12 homes with the building neighbors being 13.  I wave at these people daily as I drive or jog by but don't know anything about them, let alone their names.  We have gotten to know our immediate neighbor as well as the house across the street.  I like them a lot.  There have been several people that have moved in since we have and I know NOTHING about them. Well in my party planning mood I decided to organize a block party.  I picked a date... printed up a flier and went door to door.  I received nothing but positive feedback so I hope that is the direction this shindig will go.  We are going to make burgers & dogs and bring some tables and everyone will bring a dish to pass as well as their own drinks.  Fingers crossed.

I'm on overdrive with Mom's club stuff right now.  Planning budget meetings, board meetings and general meetings.  Getting nervous about the year.  I just filled my board and I'm pretty elated to be done that chapter.  I just hope that its smooth sailing from here and that everyone has a great year.  I hold this organization so close to my heart that it would pain me for things to go awry.  I want everyone to have fun and have the club do great things.  Hoping I can lead it in that direction!

Tonight the fruit flies invaded my kitchen.  I HATE flies and I ESPECIALLY hate fruit flies.  I went through the bowl of tomatoes and sorted out the bad ones and made another quart of sauce with the ripe ones.  This time I impressed myself.  Im starting to feel like I should be inducted as an Italian!!!  I'll have to take a jar to my new Italian friend to see if I qualify!!!  I did set up a fruit fly trap (thanks Pinterest) and I've already caught quite a few!  YEAH FOR ME!

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