Sunday, January 29, 2012

I am that girl....

My older daughter (D1; who is 2.5years old) has had some GI thing going on the last few days. She is completely potty trained with pee... and we are getting there on #2 so she wears a diaper at night.  So this GI bug is not stopping her from being herself... just something that has made it messier for my husband and I (Mostly I stress the 'I').  Today she woke up earlier than normal and it was still slightly dark here in Ohio and her room is a bit dark to begin with so I walked in and picked her up.  Then it hit me... WHOAAA.  Then I felt the wetness on my shirt.  GROSS.  It took everything I had not to fling her down but  I was trying to be in sympathetic mommy mode.  I was only half awake and JUST KNEW.  It was EVERYWHERE.... through the diaper, clothes, hair (I know, gag), hands,  stuffed animals, blankie, sheets, it was EVERYWHERE.  It was a regular pooparama!
I then began my type A, OCD cleaning.  First it was us... directly into the shower.  Then I had to clean her room, then I had to disinfect the shower which turned into all 3 bathrooms.  Then I decided that we must eradicate this virus so I washed all dirty laundry in 'sanitize mode' and then I wiped down all handles, faucets, doorknobs with bleach.  The kitchen floor MAY carry germs so that got done as well.  Somehow I started in on the kitchen cabinets and then the refrigerator innards.  And then it happened... I started washing the TRASH CANS... yep... elbow deep in trash cans by 11:30am.  Our cans are in one of those double racks inside of a cabinet.  I tore apart the entire apparatus and went to town.  Thank goodness for Princess & A Frog... both D1 and D2 (7 months old) were completely enamored.
My hands are now completely chapped from the 10,000 times they were washed today.  Im sure the bleach, comet, and Seventh Generation disinfecting spray also contributed to their new state of dryness.  UUGGHH.  My husband better be glad he had to work today!!

On a better note... I have taken on some organizational projects lately.  Trying to get our 'built ins' from being a dumping ground so I got some totes and things are looking nice!  These are from Amazon.  I love them.

Household Essentials Medium Tapered Bin with Wood Handles, Coffee Linen


Then I bought the matching low ones for my built ins on the landing... They look good.  They have a window but I don't want everyone to see the crap I put in there so I turned them around. :)  Wish they were a bit bigger though... we'll see how they grow on me.  I haven't had anything there for the last 2 years because I couldn't find "the right ones" so again, we will see.  

The low boxes

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