Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Good day & recipe box

Today was a good day.  Both girls woke up at 5am so D2 got a bottle and D1 joined my husband and I in bed.  Everyone went back to sleep until 8:30 which suited me well.  Cereal for D1 and coffee for me as I proceeded to get some of my "to do"'s done.  I was pretty successful.  I even got to run a few errands before my husband had to leave for work at 4.  SCORE!

During nap time I had big plans to run 3 miles but D2 had other plans... she napped and woke up 1 mile into my jog so I had to cut it short.  It was 5:30 and I really had no intentions of making dinner.  One of my high school friends posted her 'breakfast dinner' on FB last night so it consumed me all day.  I texted a friend to see if I could pique her interest in IHOP.  Needless to say it worked!  Her 2 boys and my 2 girls all had a nice evening of BREAKFAST. YUM.  D1 has only wanted cereal for the last several weeks so I have been craving some pancakes.  IHOP's are simply the best.

Anyway... wanted to post some pics of another project I have been working on.  I was at a friends house last month and she had her cards LAMINATED.  The light went off in my head... WALA!  No more drips on recipe cards! And a new project was born. I have wanted to organize my recipe drawer. Its been getting to the point that I can't open &/OR close the thing so it quickly became priority.  I LOVE having my recipes online so I copy and email them to myself and have them in a folder for quick reference while out (at grocery store, etc) BUT I also like the printed version in my hands when I cook. When I did go through all of the drawer I found 10 copies of the same recipe (obviously good ones)!  So I borrowed a laminator from the MIL and wanted to make the cards stand out from my countertop and flour/sugar, etc so I decided on some fluorescent index cards.  I used 4x6.  I made a template on Word and went to town.  It took FOREVER.  I have TONS of recipes.  I had originally planned to organize them by type and do yellow for entrees, orange for soups, etc and decided that would not work because I would have to buy 10 packages of index cards to get enough of the entree color and have a ton of the other colors left... so I revised my plan and decided to randomize them and just handwrite the letter associated with the recipe in the corner and then file them by type to find them easier.
I attempted to print the cards directly on the index cards but my printer would NOT allow me to do them in landscape mode.  I think the cards were just too small.  It wouldn't recognize them.  It would let me do them in portrait... NOT what I wanted.  So I ended up printing them on paper, cutting them out and then glue sticking them to the paper.
Here's how it went!

The unlaminated cards

Getting laminated


My pile to be cut apart
Then I found a photo box at Pat Catans to put everything into... now I have to figure out how to "spill proof" that.... another day!

Cut & Filed

Tomorrow is craft day with a friend so more to come!

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