Saturday, January 28, 2012

Avocado Hummus

Ok.. had to post this quick because it was completely off the top of my head and Lilly LOVES it....  I had an avocado that was gonna go bad if I didn't use it TODAY so I thought... Hmmmm.... HUMMUS!!

1 ripe avacado
2 cans Garbanzo beans, drained (but keep liquid)
2-3 T tahini
2-3 T lime juice
salt & pepper
4-5 cloves garlic

I threw everything into the Cuisinart (food processor) and wham... AWESOME.  Add the bean juice sparingly as it processes and add enough to get a creamy peanut butter consistency.  AND... we REALLY like garlic so if you are adverse to bad breath... then add as you go and err on the side of caution as it gets stronger the longer the hummus sits.

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