Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Grad School & Pond

So much has happened in the last 3 weeks.  I hosted a board social which turned out AMAZING... then I ran a board meeting and a general meeting.... and then this past weekend was our fall consignment sale.  I've put in a TON of hours for the club lately but I am very proud of the accomplishments. After the sale we donated 61 trash bags and a few boxes FULL of clothing, books, shoes & toys to local shelters, rescue organizations and Easter Seals.  Monday night was Preschool Information Night.  We hosted this event with the NRECPTA.  Our 2 chairwomen had life altering events so I stepped up and took charge.  It was stressful for me but I pulled it off with the help a wonderful committee.  This is an event where local preschools all come to one location so that our members (and the community) can interview and weed out the schools before visiting.  Its a huge service to our membership as well as the community.  All the facilities seemed VERY happy so I was ecstatic.  I am happy to say that I get to lead a pretty AWESOME group of women.  This has truly been a position that I am proud to hold. Thank you to all of my Brecksville Broadview Heights Preschool Mothers Club mamas!
Today is an AWESOME day.  I submitted my grad school application to Ursuline College about a month ago and had not heard a peep.  From time to time I think about it, but have just been too busy to do anything about it.  I have had my interview outfit picked out in my head and I occasionally rehearse what I would say.  Just last night I decided to get my Kent State application ready to go as a backup.  Well, today, it came.  It was a packet from Ursuline.  I thought it was too heavy to be a rejection letter.  I tore into it.... and I HAVE BEEN ACCEPTED!!!  They put me into the Spring 2013 class although I enrolled for Summer 2013.  I emailed and was told that they put me in for spring in case I want to start taking classes.  AWESOME.  I am SO excited to start the next chapter!!  Hubby is even excited now that he knows that there is retirement in his future!

Flowers, a card & celebratory wine from Hubby

The pond is done.  The landscaper came today to "rock hound" the area and smooth up a few areas before we seed.  CAN NOT wait to see some green going on.  Its beautiful now but by spring when its green and almost full it will look AMAZING.  We got our landscape mound that we covered with trees.  In the second photo you can now barely see the 6000 square foot home that is being built next to us!  Hallelujah!

Something else that I wanted to blog about.... a very good friend called me last week.  She has gained some weight and has decided that its time to take it off.  She called ME.  I think that's pretty damn awesome.  She said that I inspire her.  What an honor.  I had her watch Fat Sick & Nearly Dead.  Needless to say, she bought a juicer.  I still have my 10# to my goal... but I am very excited to help her in her journey.  XOXOXOXOX

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