Friday, October 26, 2012

Rubber Mulch and HEALTHY DOGS!

It was again a busy week.  Hubby worked much of it so I flew solo most days.  I had an amazing board meeting with my Mom's Club mamas which always makes for a GREAT week!  Thursday was interesting.  I had decided to take the pups to a holistic vet.  First, I must say that much of it I cannot describe.  Not that I don't WANT to... just that I CAN'T.  I don't know how to put it into words.  She spent 2 hours with me, hands on my pups.  She is a DVM but also a holistic practitioner.  I believe that there are certain people put on this planet that have abilities above and beyond.  She is one of these people.  My dogs took to her immediately.  Luey was practically laying in her lap.  It was a TON of information and recommendations.  I plan to do them all.  Luey is a Rottweiler and weighs 112#.  Far too much. Bubba has horrible allergies.  Their health boot camp started today.  They will now be on CORE grain free food, yogurt & veggies.  Yep, veggies.  I must have completely look at the Dr sideways when she asked me if I owned a juicer.  I said "ummmm... yeah".  She suggested that I put the pulp into their food.  THEY LOVE IT.  Its amazing.  I will fall over if this dog loses 10# this month.  Guess time will tell.  They are now on a few supplements... which are made from different foods.  Its just such an interesting concept.... can't wait to learn more!  I swear I want to take before and after photos of the pups!

Luey Chowing

Today I was supposed to testify as a witness to the incident next door with the rogue backhoe but apparently the scumbag plead out.  Thank goodness.

After I found out that I now had a free day the delivery company called about the rubber mulch I ordered.  The could deliver today!  The landscapers charged me next to nothing to sod cut and to dig down 3" to put down mulch around the girls' play set.  Today's job consisted of laying the landscape fabric and 5000 pounds of rubber mulch.  We decided to go with it because of the safety factor as well as the cost factor.  Every year we re-mulch the house.  Every year we say.... we are switching to every other and it just never looks good enough to switch.  So it was an easy decision.  Its pricey... but it never needs to be redone!   Dad helped ALOT.  He loaded the bags onto trailer and drove the tractor to the area.  There were 125 40# bags.  The man will need some Motrin tomorrow!!!  We got everything laid out in about 2.5 hours.  I have to trim up the landscape fabric but I was going to wait a week or so until 1.) the rain stops and 2.) the mulch settles a bit.  All I can say is that it looks FANTASTIC!!!
3 pallets delivered

Looks FABULOUS... and its SAFE!!!

No more mowing in and out of swings... NO MORE WEEDWACKING around the darn thing!!!


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  1. Wow. Good for you to have rubber mulch in your playground. I hope I can have them in our playground someday.